What will happen to your facebook account when you die

An average 10000 facebook users die every day !!

Believe it or not, worldwide there are over 1.86 billion monthly active users  and the count is increasing 17 percent every year .In that  1.15 billion people are mobile daily active users (facebook mobile app) which is increasing by 23 percent every year  and on an average like and share buttons are viewed across  almost 10 million websites daily.And the most common age is from 25 to 34. (29.7% of users).Estimated profiles creating for every second is 5.

According to recent reports, India is the second largest Facebook using country and will surpass 100 million mobile phone facebook users for the first time and india will cross US in mobile facebook using by 2017,and the estimation is  145.9 million followed by the US at 138.8 million.

The highest traffic occurs between 1 to 3pm mid-week.

There are 83 million estimated fake profiles.

Photo uploads are 300 million every day.

For every 1 minute on Facebook, 5,10,000 comments are posted,2,93,000 statuses are updated and 1,36000photos are uploaded.

Not just this more than 10,000 facebook users die every day.


What will happen to a facebook account when the user die

For most of its existence, facebook has had a problem with deceased users.

30 million face book users die in the first eight years of its existence.

Facebook came up with 2 solutions for this problem.

  1. Memorialization
  2. Permanent Deletion of account

We can tell them in advance whether we would like to have our account memorialized or permanently deleted from facebook.

Memorialized Accounts

This is a place for friends and family to gather and share memories after a person has passed away.

Key features are:

  1. After Login,Next to the person’s name , a word ‘Remembering’ will be shown.
  2. Friends can share memories on the memorialized timeline depending on privacy settings.
  3. Photos, posts shared by that person will be visible to audience it was shared with.
  4. Memorialized accounts will be hide from public including suggestions for people you may know, ads and especially birthday remainders.
  5. No one can get access to log in to these accounts and cannot be changed if it has no ‘Legacy Contact’.

6.And the pages in memorialized accounts will be removed from facebook with a valid request if the page has a sole admin

Deleting Your Account

We can chose our accounts to have deleted permanently after we pass away.

Here are the steps to follow to do this

1.From the top right of facebook, click  and select settings.

2.From Left Menu, select  Security.

3.Click Legacy contact

4.Click Request Account Deletion and follow the instructions.

What will happen to your facebook account when you die
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