Playing sports? Olympian App will make you rich, not just healthy

Love playing sports? We just launched Olympian App which helps you win cash rewards while you enjoy playing the sport.

Olympian is all about finding sportsmen, teams, and tournaments in your city. Challenge them, play sports and win cash rewards.

As a badminton player, I always found it very difficult to find a partner to play regularly with, at the same time finding tournaments was very difficult. This made me create Olympian, this app helps you find the right sports partners and challenges happening around you. As a sports player, you will always want to play with the best people so that you can learn and improve your game simultaneously. One great thing about Olympian is the cash rewards which makes the gameplay much more interesting. During the early beta phase of development, I have used the app with my team and players in my play zone and the results were incredible. Initially it was meant to create challenges only for dual competing games like Badminton, Tennis, Chess etc but eventually, I realized the need to include games like cricket, football etc which needs a team contribution. On the Olympian app, people will be able to create a team and compete with other teams for cash rewards.

On Olympian app, sportsmen will be rated in each city based on their game statistics and staying on top of leaderboard help sportsmen win accolades and sponsors.

How does it work?

  1. Download the Olympian app from play store and create a profile.
  2. Find Players, Challenges, Tournaments and Teams in your city and compete with them.
  3. Appoint a referee and play the games on scheduled date and venue.
  4. Earn cash rewards while improving your game statistics.

Anyone can create tournaments

Stop waiting for tournaments in your city. Olympian helps you create your own tournaments and make money. You can create tournaments between your friends or invite others to participate in the tournament in a simple way. As a tournament organizer, you will earn handsome cash rewards. After paying the prize money to the winner, you will earn the rest of the tournament registration money as a cash reward.

Everything is automated

Within the app, all the transactions are automated and digital. The process is so simplified that anyone can get started quickly on the platform and start winning.

For Sport Zones

If you are running a sports zone, Olympian helps you create better engagement through challenges, tournaments, and teams.

What are you waiting for? just download Olympian and get started. Our app is currently available on Android and will be soon launching for IOS and Web.

Playing sports? Olympian App will make you rich, not just healthy
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