Microsoft Rewards to give EDGE for its browser against Chrome

Microsoft rewards


Microsoft is launching a unique rewards program to counter the dominance of google chrome. With the launch of Microsoft Rewards program which was earlier called Bing Rewards  which pays user for using EDGE browser.

Previously Bing rewards which was applicable only is US used to offer points for searches on Bing search engine, which can be redeemed at Starbucks or other outlets.

Google dominates the current browser market owning more than 50% of the market share while Edge (4.5%)+ Internet explore accounts to 25%

Google killed internet explorer from Windows 10 with an aim to make user friendly browser. While still Millennials like using Chrome many older generation by default click on Internet explorer Icon to browser the internet.

With this New rewards program Microsoft Aims to increase adoption of EDGE(4.5%) which simultaneously increases the search traffic and gives pretty good advertising data for Bing Ads. Based on the success they want to expand this program across the globe.

Though Windows is highest used desktop operating system, smart phone usage lead to dominance of chrome with the success of android OS. Nokia failure to penetrate smart phone market will be a big disadvantage for Microsoft.

So guys, expect freebies for wasting your time on internet.

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