TECH hit by malware

fb malware is hit by a new malware which hacks the user friend list and share few links with user photographs shown as a video. Beware of this, if you click on it your account will send similar links to all all of your friend list.

I started noticing this one hour back and some user have even reported the their friends received chat message with their friend video link attached to it. Here is the screenshot of the spam links. At least 30-40% users are hit by this spam.

Technically user does not know about this activity on his account unless some friend responds on this spam link. One of the users in my friend list posted this message to alert his friends on spam links.

This is like a click bait where user would be keen to see the video of their friend by clicking it and often falls in the trap.Facebook so far did not specify how to secure your account from this malware and engineers are still working the stop virality of spam links.

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