Email marketing tools for your startup

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing software is a service-based software which is used for sending a commercial message to a fixed group of people using email. Every email sent is known as email marketing. Email marketing involves emails to send advertisements of products, request business, to increase sales or donations. Three primary objectives of email marketing are- to build trust, to build loyalty, and brand awareness.

If you are thinking that you are running a small business or recently started a start-up, then Email Marketing is best for you.

Let’s get started……

Why is email marketing important for your start-ups?

About 206 billion people worldwide use email, which is 35% of the total population. The above information was provided by Radicati Group, which states that 196 emails are sent daily throughout the world, out of which 109 billion are business emails.

Email marketing is an energetic and powerful way to connect with your customers. At present, you don’t even know anyone who doesn’t have an email address, and everyone receives several emails per day by various organizations?

After phone calls, a very personal way to reach your target customers is email marketing. You can customize your email according to your customer’s interest so that every communication must be relevant to their benefit.

If you still think email marketing is not so good for your start-up then here are some reasons WHY email marketing should not be ignored for start-ups-

  1. Email is more efficient than social media websites (for the acquisition of customers)- Wait a minute don’t get this wrong, social media is essential in business marketing strategy as social media websites are great for interacting with people. But when you have to convert these people into your customers, members, and supporters, the best way is email marketing, which helps you in reaching your customers personally.
  2. Cost-effective as well as economic- Email marketing is effortless, effective, and a very low-cost method to reach out to a huge number of customers at a rate which is almost nothing per one email.
  3. Customizable and personal- You can customize your email according to your customer’s interest and talk about something of good value to them; this way, you can generate half of your revenue. You can make your email personal by adding your recipient’s name, and research says that emails with the recipient’s name are more likely to be opened.
  4. Action-oriented – I don’t know whether you notice this or not, but everybody does something with an email- I just read it, reply, forward, sign-up, or direct buying. Thus, email is noticeable by nature, and you can use email marketing to build new customers and drive your sales fastly.
  5. Measurable- email marketing is measurable as you can track how many emails are opened, how many links are clicked, and how many people neglect by unsubscribing. Thus, you get a view on how your email is responded; hence you can make adjustments and improve your effectiveness.
  6. Mobile devices help people check their email continually- At present, having a mobile phone is very common; thus, people are checking their emails whenever they work at an office, sitting in any cafe to their free time; they are checking their emails everywhere.

Benefits of email marketing software for start-ups-

  • Generate calls
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Improve communication
  • Build your brand 
  • Boost sales
  • Get more from doing less
  • Look Professional
  • Market with a personal touch
  • Get immediate results
  • Promote services
  • Grow your audience
  • Improve visibility

Hoping you understood the importance of Email Marketing and how it will help you to grow your business.

Email marketing tools for your startup
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