Drones from Air to underwater – Eyes every where

The past two years saw unprecedented growth in Drone as a tactical distance logistics system. The hype about pizza delivery or product delivery to consumer terrace had people look at it as next best thing in the world.
Now, Drones has gone from Air to underwater. We at IndianCEO looked at Fifish-P4 product by a company called Qysea. The product is an underwater drone that has ability to swim to the depth of 100 meters and transmit excellent quality 4K video.

yes, You read it right, it can stream 4K video. The use case for these drones are interesting. Developing countries like India started evaluated offshore energy harvesting in big way. The usage of ocean farms for alternate energy has gained momentum. One of the key issue is maintenance of it as in monitoring and being proactive about rectifying the issues. The monitoring aspect had lot of hazardous environment for man kind to be there 24 X 7. But, with the Drones like this, the monitoring aspect becomes simple and cheap.
It is not just underwater Drones that caught our attention. Put the seat belts on, we also have “Hybrid Drone”, that can fly and swim. The interesting Parrot Hydrofoil has the capability to sail and fly. It has a decent speed of 10 Kmph in water and 20 Kmph in air. The ability to scan from aerial and take a deeper look on river or sea surface is an interesting use case.

These kind of innovation from Drones have opened up an interesting avenue for monitoring service providers. Capturing the data or video is one aspect of it. How to interpret the image or video as a “red flag” and act on it.
Can a centralised monitoring service provider, who can start “Monitoring as a service” be an enabler for these kind of industries.

I think Drone should not be looked at just as an isolated product. But, should be viewed as a holistic solution of the Monitoring and delivery eco system.

Drones from Air to underwater – Eyes every where
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