Best To-Do List Apps to increase your productivity

A list of tasks awaits us the next new day. Some are more interesting than others. However, the value of completing such tasks is undisputed, mainly if they are created daily. Usually, what happens is that we are either in a spot to accomplish a predetermined amount of tasks on time, or we struggle horribly. While the performance rate relies on several things, there is one specific aspect that is most often found in a lot of cases in usage. This would be the use of the to-do list apps.

We are blessed with modern technology and are equipped with apps and techniques that make work easier. To-do list apps are an alternative to paper lists. These apps are more efficient and result-oriented because of the features they proffer. To-do list apps make work more straightforward and easy. 

These apps have a greater hand in increasing work productivity as everything is systemized and organized in the apps. The apps come with a variety of benefits that contribute to a productive work outcome. Let’s see the potential benefits of the to-do apps because of which the productivity is enhanced. 

A structured dayTo-do list app creates a task list for you. Adhering to the list, you do things in a systemized way. There are two approaches to go through one day – stay at sea and just wing it for whatever comes along or have a list of stuff to do. Using a to-do list is like using a GPS to hit a target, rather than driving along a lane that doesn’t recognize it. If the tasks are organized, you will be able to accomplish that in-time and efficiently. 

Reduces Anxiety-If things are organized; you feel less anxious about them. If you have recorded your tasks, tracks progress, and review it thoroughly; you feel relaxed and do work with mental peace. Without organizing tasks, your brain remains in a state of fuzz. Incomplete activities tend to show up in our mind at random moments or of continuing to develop in the subconscious, compounding, and causing fear. A regular to-do list tends to reduce anxiety. You focus more on work.

Priority Setting- Your to-do list contains a hierarchy of tasks. When you compile your to-do list, it offers you a clear vision of everything that you have on your desk. You should do certain things and prioritize them in two ways. You may choose to continue with the simple ones, to get the pleasure of striking out some of the tasks on your list. As Brian Tracy advises, you might opt to ‘Eat the Frog’ first by doing a primary or tiresome task, then offering a feeling of achievement, making it easier to do smaller tasks after that.

Better time management

Maintaining a to-do list in the app will help to increase productivity by assisting in managing your time better. With the app, you can keep track of your past activity also and adjust your time accordingly. Managing activities by maintaining a list will make the activities structured and manageable. Seeing an ordered range of activities will help the doer feel more confident and concentrated.  

Here are the names of the best to-do list apps that increase productivity because of the features they provide.

· nTask

Create and schedule tasks, assign projects, comment on assigned tasks, two-factor authentication, simple user-interface, organize, prioritize and share tasks, risk management, powerful search, and filter tools.

· Wunderlist

Create folders and groups, share lists with people to collaborate, create quick notes, add reminders and notifications, easy import.

· Microsoft To-Do

task management via to-dos, data sync, multiple task lists, task prioritization.

· Todoist

Task creation, task comments, priority setting, built-in library of project templates, project sharing, real-time sync, email notifications, automatic backups.


Simple interface, task management, deadline and reminder, easy file sharing, voice assistant, unlimited file attachments.

· Habitica

Division via tags, track progress, personalization, online chat, task filtering.

· TickTick

Customized to-do lists, list sharing, voice assistance, personalized themes, time tracking, advanced project stats, and backup data.

· Google Keep

Easy and quick task addition, list sharing, notes pin, list and grid view, audio notes.

Start using any of the apps for your electronic to-do lists and enhance work productivity.

Best To-Do List Apps to increase your productivity
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sean Goodwin

    June 28, 2020 at 5:18 pm

    Great list Jayadeep. Being in productivity space myself, I’ve noticed some of the new apps are doing an even better job than some of the bigger names. Not forgetting the use of these productivity and to-do list apps is now more essential in current Covid situation. A great way to ensure you’re keeping track of your daily tasks and achieving milestones when they are due.

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