YOULORRY is all set to raise $2 Million from an Indian Investor

YOULORRY a technology-driven start-up organization in the transport sector, run by professionals with proven industry experience of more than 15 years.

The genesis of this establishment is the Make-in-India drive which moved us to serve the need of transportation sector. This establishment was founded in June 2016 with name ‘S Cube Tech Solutions’ and further improvised with the brand name of ‘YouLorry Private Limited’. Founding members of this establishment are professionals from various IITs guided by luminaries of the transportation sector.

The aim of this establishment is to provide ‘Ease of Transportation’ to Citizens and Business of India and abroad. We have indigenously developed easy to use technology for our associates/partners to cater the need of transportation services.

Founder Members

YOULORRY is founded & led by two Singh brothers, Abhay Singh & Jai Singh. Abhay Singh after graduating from IIT Kanpur in 2003 in Mechanical Engineering always had a plan for his own venture which finally realized after contributing for 14 years in the corporate world. Started his career as a Scientist in Bhabha Atomic Research Center, serving 5 years there, later moved on to the corporate world where after spending around 9 years, finally decided to take a break and start it.Over a cup of coffee, discussing Indian transportation with his brother, Jai Singh, who has been in this sector for more than 20 years, decided to take it on with Technology and founded “S Cube Tech Solutions” which later improvised with the brand name of ‘YOULORRY Private Limited’ in Jan 2017. It has been a challenging journey so far but growing every month.

expecting to generate approximately Rs. 10 lakh a month from December 2017 onwards. Preferably, the company is engaging medium and small scale industries for loads and small truck owners (having 1-5 vehicles) to manage the transportation.

We are operating at a profit margin of 10 % and making sure each & every load is handled keeping safety & security on top priority. On time delivery of loads for customers & on time payment to truckers is our mantra and has been successfully doing it for more than 90% loads being transported. Safety of loads is our top priority and we take it very seriously, each & every trucker associated with us have been thoroughly verified. We are operating from Delhi/NCR, Guwahati, Lumshnong & Silchar right now and serving at 12 routes. The company has planned to open offices at 20 locations of the country out of which 15 will be opened in northeastern states and rest 5 at Kolkata, Kanpur, Indore, Gurgaon & Siliguri.


How It Works

We understand customer needs and have kept is as simple as it could be. It is a 4 step process in total, where 2 steps are to be performed from either side for a successful booking:

  1. Post your load & open bidding
  2. Get it booked at lowest rate
  3. Receive vehicle for loading & Pay
  4. Transport & track your consignments

We have broken it down into 4 segments, a) Traditional transportation, b) aggregator,

  1. c) Technology-based end to end transportation, d) developing business partners and improving their business using technology.

Indian logistics sector is more than $100 billion marketplace annually; hardly 5% market is captured by players who are fully operating on technology and we are also one of them. We think differently, therefore created a separate team which operates in a traditional fashion to get the regular feedback from market & creates continuous flow of data, which will ultimately be used to enhance our technology team’s operation & strategy.

We have two more verticals that are promoting technology transportations; technology team has created a dam simple application which freight providers & truckers can use to increase the efficiency of their existing business, the response we are receiving from the market is tremendous till now. The plan is to quickly collect the data by increasing the number of users & serve them later using technology. In addition, our team working under 3rd vertical are engaging & entertaining medium & small scale industries. Challenges are a lot, problems are many but we are learning & growing quickly.

YOULORRY is all set to raise $2 Million from an Indian Investor
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