Where In India To Start A Tech Startup?

To validate whether India is the best place for a tech Startup may be somewhat as difficult than not. India, with its ever-evolving marketplace and with the induction of new players every day is always a promising place to startup. Pushing a particular sector like TECH may require us to analyse a few things first. That is when we can decide if INDIA is the best place to start a tech startup.

First, let us look at Indian economy as a whole. The US State Department’s annual assessment of investment climates in foreign countries has released a statement yesterday that “India’s growth rate is ostensible.” The growth looks promising enough for anyone but 7.5% of it is overstated. These situations when looked under the glass might be a bit harmful in the long run. Investors and VCs are known to look at things under the glass. But When starting up anything, things like if the investor is a foreigner or a native, what is his/her market knowledge/ his expectations etc., should be thought of thoroughly.

Now that will be the situation of starting up in India as a whole. Given that all the above troubles have been taken care of, there is still a question left unanswered.

                          “WHERE EXACTLY TO STARTUP?”

When your startup is a broader domain, you might have a specific target audience and you will be choosing a place best suited for it. A medical shop will never work besides a movie theatre (Unless the movie is a real pain in the head of course). A tech startup might look like a shop which can flourish ANYWHERE. But there are a few factors that must be looked into. These include

1) Skilled Labor

2) Capital

3) Community

4) The Cost of Living and Infrastructure.

5) City/Place validation

Now these are not all but are few of the factors which must be considered. Delhi(NCR), Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai are by far the best for any shortlists to startup in India.

A decade ago, Bangalore was the only care of address for anything related to technology and the IT industry. With the advent of startup culture, it has got new competitors in Hyderabad and Gurugram (Will I be shot for calling it Gurgaon?). There are a lot of areas where Bangalore leads than Hyderabad may it be the awesome weather or its geography of access to great VC firms and its name for being another silicon valley.

Hyderabad is fast catching up with all of the noise surrounding Bangalore. With the Telangana IT minister KTR’s T-Hub and its sound and pomp, the startup culture in Hyderabad is growing as great as any other city. When you look at how tech giants like Deloitte, Google and Microsoft have found a cosy spot in Hyderabad, one can safely put Hyderabad into the elite list of places to start a tech startup.

Having that said, Noida, Gurgaon, Pune and Mumbai are not the least bit behind the race. With a great commercial culture, they too hold a promising place to start a tech startup in India.

To start a tech startup, one has to think of a lot more than the place and economy. The future and scope of the very same industry and domain must also be taken into consideration.

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