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We all have that grandmother who makes the world’s best gulab jamun. We all have that aunt who prepares tasty dishes of Italian, Mexican, Chinese and many more cuisines. We all have that uncle who tries his hand at cooking, experimenting with old ingredients and turns up with mouthwatering new dishes which are ours to name. We all have that younger sister who cooks recipes from google and tries them out on us which are surprisingly yummy. We all have that neighbor who gives us sweets and snacks whenever there is a celebration in their household. When we think about it, we can notice that there are many people in every house in our country that can cook delicious food.  And yet when we stay away from home for work or study, we tend to eat a lot of average rated food at overpriced restaurants half heartedly. Even though we enjoy eating fast food, we all agree we feel more content eating rice with pickles and paapads or a parantha with ghee made at home.


Mohamed Ismail Jamal, CEO and founder is a B.Tech graduate from Anna University who founded and sold 2 B2B startups earlier with 18 years of techno commercial experience with HCL, WIPRO, BMW and more. Rilwan Fathima, cofounder, has 10 years of experience in Home Science and is a strategist. KVM Rajkumar is an advisor and seasoned Investment Banking & Strategic Management Consultant with 16 years of experience. Umar Farook is an advisor at Watscooking with 21 years of experience in the industry. The evident challenge of going forward with the idea of Watscooking was the unstructured way of this business. The team added a few features to reduce the disadvantages of this unorganized business.


The idea of Watscooking brings forward the very important issue of self sustainability. Ever since evolution, humans thrived on the barter system of give and take in small self sustainable societies. Today, we see large corporate chains which do not help in reducing the unemployment problem. Watscooking, in its own way, provides financial independence and empowers homemakers who are all excellent cooks, mostly women, to become micro entrepreneurs in a majorly male dominated society. The home cooks find a market and demand for their dishes and the customers get to connect and order homemade dishes to drive away hunger. The website and app of Watscooking helps locate home cooks in your locality. The unavailability of the cook is usually denoted if they are offline. The prices are much less compared to restaurants and provides the touch of home through its pickles, masalas, paapads and sweets. Read more about Indian Startups.

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