This startup created a virtual platform to bring designers onto WWW


Vondore is a virtual platform for designers to sell their products online without tech investment

Vondore was established by Kriti Agarwal with the sole intention to create a professional room for budding artists and designers. Investment is always a worrying factor for new artists who dream to hold an exhibition or start an entrepreneurship on their own. Finding a decent customer base is even more difficult in this stiff competitive market.

Vondore is the place where they can reach out to a large base of customers at wage minimum investment. Vondore puts in all effort to showcase the skill products of artists/designers to as many viewers as possible. Thus it takes care of the marketing woes of new designers. So if an artist signs up with Vondore, he/ she have the freedom to focus more on the creativity than worry about entrepreneurial woes.

How it all started

After marriage, Kriti Agarwal decided to utilise her leisure time in starting up a boutique in Goa, to personate her fashion skills. She designed some pieces for her friends and families. She even participated in exhibitions. During this journey, Kriti met other designers whose designing career was stuck due to similar issues she was facing. Though her work was appreciated and loved by her friends, offline exhibition was a costly affair. Kriti tried the online forum, but it was difficult to create a space among the big brands and cheap China products. It was then that Kriti decided to do something for herself, as well as for the newcomers in the world of fashion, art and design.

The greatest challenge

Kriti says that the main challenge rested in getting new designers on board. The newcomers were unable to see the long term benefits of online sales and associations.

Secondly when the workflow increased, it was difficult to manage the technical fronts. In Goa especially it is more stressful to get sound technical help.

The core team of Vondore

Kriti Agarwal ( Founder)

She is a graduate in IT from DC. Before relocating to Goa, she worked with ZS associates. Vondore was single handedly started by Kriti Agarwal. Initially it was she who did all the tie ups along with few freelancers and interns. When workflow increased, new members were added in the start up.

Shivang Agarwal joined as Technical Advisor. He is a graduate from MNIT and currently placed in Trimian.

Sudheer Kuppili is the Marketing Manager of Vondore. He did his Business Administration from Cardiff School of Management.

The growth rate of Vondore

Within six months, Vondore acquired more than 300 active designers with over 8000 designs to sell. The customer base is pretty attractive with over 1000 interested viewers and their GMV is over 20lakhs. At present the revenue model is commissioned based.

When asked about the USP of Vondore , Kriti says, ‘we do not sell products like Amazon or Flipkarts.’ The designs are unique and created on order basis. Customers can put in their preferences which are a ‘no no’ with big brands. Big Brands work on their own copyright designs. Here the products are personalized and customized with minimum turnaround time. Prices are way more competitive than the bigger names.

The Future Plans

Vondore already has designers who managed to set up an online boutique via Vondore. They now have regular customer orders. Kriti Agarwal says, ‘We want to make Vondore the global face of Indian Handmade Industry.


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