VideoVibe – The multi channel analytics provider

VideoVibe ( solution is a revolutionizing video advertising and Analytics Platforms working across walled gardens to provide advanced audience targeting, insights, simplified media execution and campaign management. It’s a complete cross-platform reporting empowering media agencies and brand advertisers to deliver extraordinary campaign performance. In simple words, VideoVibe compiles data from YouTube and uses the data to make statistical graphs and charts that track progress and growth. It includes information such as estimated earnings and future projections, providing both numerical data and easy-to-read graphs. Statistics are freely available to anyone using the web or mobile apps.

A Saas Based firm

Both the founders Ranjan Sahoo (Founder & Ceo) & Elisha Priyadarshini (Co-Founder & COO) are YouTubers and has analyzed that few companies have no provision of multi channel analytics and the price was too high. So, the duo decided to start their own SaaS based company. Both the founders are experienced and are currently running the firms named Wixty Technologies along with VideoVibe.

Ranjan Sahoo

A bootstrapped firm with happy customers

The startup is currently bootstrapped start up and has been recently pumped with $40000 by Facebook through its FBSTART program. VideoVibe Web Platform went live this year and currently tracks over 10k YouTube channels with around  30000 users, 50000 views and 15000+ happy customers.

 VideoVibe – a complete solution provider

The startup offers complete solutions to protect, measure, and monetize original movies and YouTube contents across the Internet. It delivers the best technology platform that unleashes the full potential of content business in the new era of mobile Internet and offer solutions that help premium content providers increase revenue with less risks throughout the digital and mobile distribution platforms.

The Destination

In the next 6 months, the startup plans to go social and aims to engage more users. Also, the focus will be on to raise much revenue. VideoVibe team has also requested its users not to upload personal photos. Read more Startup Stories.

VideoVibe – The multi channel analytics provider
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