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Now talented individuals get their very own social media for networking

Vervbeat is a social network for artists. It started with a vision to empower the world of art. Vervbeat was founded by a group of individuals with experience in domains of Business Management, Digital Marketing, App Development and Web Development.

In a nutshell

– Identity

– Networking

– Organised knowledge sharing and

– Connecting artists with Opportunities

These are what Vervbeat focuses on the most.

Being a social media platform, Vervbeat emphasises to connect both, people and their talents; and projecting this into the world of opportunities.

An Artist could be a Dancer, Musician, Photographer, Actor, Writer, Film- maker, Model, Sculptor, or can belong to any other art form who can

(i) Create their portfolio,

(ii) Network with other artists

(iii) Share & explore insights for knowledge and

(iv) Find opportunities.

Dance, music, photography, acting, film making, modelling, fine arts, animation and design; and entertainment are the featured content on Vervbeat. People post their talents, content and anyone from any category can see, like, share and comment on that. The community’s UI is somewhat similar to that of Facebook and Twitter so it’s easy to use and understand for anyone.

Behind the Curtains of  Vervbeat

As a kid, the founder has always dreamt of becoming a dancer but to which, lack of career opportunities in that field made him drop out of that path. Flash forward to his MBA days, he began contemplating on how kids these days can showcase their talents and also draw out their own careers.

Thus, Vervbeat was born.

Sandeep Reddy has an MBA and 2 years of experience in business management. Dinesh Kumar has 3 years of experience in application development. Apurva Chamaria, Vice President, Global Head of Brand and Digital – HCL Tech and Raju Kalidindi, Managing Director, Clove Technologies make the advisors team. Together, they all make the team.

Sandeep & Dinesh
Founders of Vervbeat

“Most of the competitors are of marketplace model where an artist needs to list himself for opportunities whereas Vervbeat is a social network.” Says the team .

This platform went officially live from Feb 1st, 2016, started with Facebook advertising and artists across India are registering. The firm is bootstrapped as of now and a lookout for investors is ON.

This platform also tries to pull people to recognize the potential in them and aims to scale at a global level in the future. With fresh talents turning round the corners daily, Vervbeat sure does a good work bringing them out.

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