Uber Dreams is a New-age Online Genie to Help You Fulfil Your Dreams

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We see dreams and make wishes every now and then. Some of them come true, while we have to part with some others due to lack to time, hectic work schedule, etc. A long drive in luxury, a trekking trip with friends, a dinner date with favorite celebrities and likes are small dreams and little wishes that keep us alive amidst monotonies of daily life. When these dreams and desires remain in the wilderness, we merely exist. Uber Dreams is a modern-day technology genie to fulfill our dreams in no never-never land but where we live.

“We are the new-age Genie in the lamp: all you have to do is make a wish! Whether you are a bunch of friends, a family of four, or simply looking to treat yourself, we are the ones who get the good-stuff rolling in. You imagine, we make it happen,” says Mr Savan Daru, cofounder and CEO of Uber Dreams. (as a highlighted quote)

How Uber Dreams Came to Exist

Uber Dreams is a unique startup with a unique vision. It is a technological manifestation of Mr Savan Daru’s entrepreneurial zeal and passion for online business. Uber Dreams was ideated and formed when Mr Savan Daru, a serial entrepreneur, realized that some dreams and desires see the daylight by means of external assistance or additional effort besides our own. The failure of our individual efforts causes unfulfillment of our desires and that is what led to the inception of Uber Dreams. At Uber Dreams, a bunch of like-minded people with an extraordinary vision leave no stone unturned to make your dreams come true.

A Brief about the Founder

Mr. Savan Daru is a serial entrepreneur. Internet technology has been his obsession from the early days of his career. He started his career in manufacturing, marketing and distribution before he decided to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams in the evolving technology space.  He owned a travel company before Uber Dreams happened to him. He also joined Times Internet Ltd as Alliances Head for the company. Then he moved to Antfarm Incubators Pvt Ltd as Vice President for Business Development. Evidently, his entrepreneurial journey was full of twists and turns, which finally culminated in his role of cofounder and CEO of Uber Dreams.

Business Model and USP  

How important it is being unique for a startup in the current times of cut-throat competition and questionable survival is beyond question. In the event of the shutdown of several startups which had started with a bang, Uber Dreams seems to have its business model equipped with a futuristic mission and vision. Simplicity and personalization are the mainstay unique features of Uber Dreams’ business model which operates in a simple yet advanced format. The website currently lists 90 dreams and desires which can be redeemed for unique experiences for nominal costs. The dreams are categorized and listed in an extremely personalized way for different demographics and age groups. ‘Our packaging of dreams and their fulfillment under the “You Dream, We Fulfill” category ensures an exclusive, value for money experience that makes us stand out from other similar businesses,’ says Mr Savan Daru.

Role of Technology and Competition  

The role of technology in the inception, operation and functionality of Uber Dreams is immense and undeniable since it is a technological product, according to Mr Savan Daru. Uber Dreams knows no full stop in terms of technological evolution from aggregating a multitude of experiences and improving customer experience from time to time. Technology is his key to success in competition because technological innovation is what keeps the ball rolling in online business. Customer service is another most important factor when it comes to competing with others and beating the competition.

Response to Uber Dreams   

In the words of Mr Savan Daru, the response to Uber Dreams has been overwhelming since the launch. Within 10 days of the launch, more than one thousand users visited the website and each spent on an average five minutes on the site. Many have been converted into leads for the business. Mr Daru is very sanguine about the future of his startup since the team is floored with queries with regard to the “You Dream, We Fulfill” category.

Marketing, Funding and Goals

Mr Savan Daru sounds very confident about the development and expansion of Uber Dreams, which hinges around two important factors: one is talent and the other is fund. Initially the startup was fuelled with seed funding from Mr. Mohit Lalvani, cofounder of the Mascot Group. The execution of marketing plans to reach the business goals in the near future requires the right talent with the right experience on board. With the business moving towards the next phase, Mr Daru will be looking to raise fund according to requirements. “We are also looking forward to building association with celebrities and eminent personalities in order to take Uber Dreams to the next level of operations,” says Mr Daru.

The second phase of Uber Dreams’ expansion includes the launch of a new category, Uber Dreams Auctions, which is expected to help the startup grow to its full potential. It will allow exclusive dreams to be auctioned and the highest bidder will stand a chance to fulfil those particular dreams. Soon after the launch, the startup will introduce around 10 auctions a month and later it will be escalated to 20 to 25 auctions a month. All the auctions would be something that people aspire to experience at any cost.

The Closing Note

“Sometimes, having a dream and having zeal to make it come true is not enough. Dreams like recording a personal song, getting a story book with your child as a hero and owning boxer Vijender Singh;s autographed gloves are exclusive ones which our individual efforts fall short of fulfilling. That is why Uber Dreams is there as an external and additional force to help make your dreams achievable. We don’t create dreams. We don’t sell dreams. We fulfil dreams.” – Mr Savan Daru

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