His mother’s jewelry was his first investment and blessing


Deepak’s TryCinema, is for helping struggling movie artists showcase their talent

TryCinema is an exclusive social media platform for FILM community, founded by Mr. Deepak Kumar Prabakaran. Struggling film industry artists can use this digital platform to showcase their talent.

“For those Film makers and aspirants wanting to connect, learn, explore, shine and buy relevant products/services, TryCinema is their cup of tea”, says Deepak.

Deepak Kumar Prabakaran
Founder, TryCinema

Deepak found his mentor & co-founder in his role model, i.e. his father Mr. Prabakaran. Together they founded this platform 9 months ago and they are very confident of this idea.

As with any startup, capital was an issue when this company was founded. However, Deepak did not consider this as a setback. This problem was resolved by Mrs. Prabakaran, who generously gave her necklace for mortgaging in order to arrange for the capital amount to start the company. According to Deepak, the real setback every entrepreneur faces is the fear of failure, which he did not have while founding this company. Deepak is proud to say that today his company has a 9 member team working from 4 different countries!

TryCinema also provides a platform for the commercial groups and services to sell their products by advertising,for a nominal fee and hosts events for film makers. It thus gives people a chance to connect, focus and influence on filming by not getting distracted.

Mr. Deepak observed that many people, including his friends and relatives did not do what they loved, to earn money. Hence, they did not find happiness in what they were doing. He wanted to change this trend in people. Mr. Deepak’s intense passion was to take responsibility for one community and film industry. He respects them and therefore took responsibility for them, to help them focus on their ambition of becoming a noted personality in the film industry.

The recruitment process to form the core team was done through Skype every day and night, interviewing hundreds of people for over a month’s time. Deepak worked round the clock with the phone on different time zones to choose the appropriate candidates. Facebook was the means of communication for TryCinema with the customers, Their product is expected to be launched   shortly, with the help of backers.

Deepak considers his father, the co-founder as the backbone for his startup who helped him by appreciating his thoughts, joining the venture and mentoring all through. Mr.Prabakaran now owns a non-profit organization serving thousands of people. Mr.Deepak would like to thank his core team for their efforts and mention their names as a token of appreciation:

  • GoranRamljak – Lead Designer
  • Artem-Developer.
  • Antonio, Gloria and ReshmiMenon- Communications
  • Sthithapragnya and Veena– Designer.

All in all TryCinema is a promising platform for young minds aspiring to be a noted personality in the film industry.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. surendra. g

    June 10, 2016 at 1:24 pm

    Hello Deepak, All the best for your team & valuable Mission. You rock some day change the world of artists.

    Best Regards,
    Surendra Chowdary. G

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