The Digital Upgrade

Everything has already changed, and everything is still changing. Before the mass penetration of the internet the lives that we used to lead and the lives that we lead now are so different that it feels like we need to re-learn how to live.

For the first time in the history of the human species we are so connected to each other and the cost of communication is virtually nothing. Along with our offline presence, most of us now have some sort of online identity that we use to communicate and connect with people who share similar passions. The acceptance of Google, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and multiple other platforms that have changed us from a content consuming society to a content creating society.

Everyone creates content now and the way we communicate has completely changed. We used to rely on our brains to retain information and our communication skills to communicate ideas to each other. We don’t do that anymore. The way we share information now is by tagging someone on Facebook, showing them a video on Youtube or mentioning someone in a Tweet. This sort of efficiency in communication was not present before, so I think that in the future we will be able to agree as a civilisation on a lot of things, as there will be minimal loss in information flow.

We’ve stopped playing Chinese Whispers as a species.

The last century stands as a glaring example of all that we did wrong and that can be attributed to ignorance and the individual greed of the people and the lobbies in power. An obvious example is the electric car. Nikola Tesla invented a working model of the electric car and if we had chosen that path in the history of humanity then the current situation would not have been so dire in terms of climate change ramifications.

It seems now we have the chance to make that choice again. This time more informed of the consequences of not choosing renewable energy. We have a great leader in Elon Musk. He is attempting the impossible. In his recent Ted Talk he mentioned all that he is attempting (and again because of the internet and free flowing information), we are able to understand the impossibilities of the challenges that he is facing.

We don’t know if Elon will succeed, but what we do know is that he and his brethren of fellow leaders and entrepreneurs have already inspired a generation of passionate young individuals (read millenials) to not accept the existing status quo’s and attempt what is impossible. The future we are trying to build enables us to reach the apex of what it means to a human by eliminating all the mundane and robotic jobs with robots.

The future of work seems to be in question but what we need to question is whether humans were born to work or for a greater purpose?

Here are a couple of talks, one is the latest one by Elon Musk and the other is by Dr. Michio Kaku that should make you feel awesome about the future we are building!

Authored Article by

Satyajit Roy, CEO, Everyday Gourmet Kitchen (EGK) Foods Pvt. Ltd.

The Digital Upgrade
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