SWARGADWARA.COM – Odisha’s 1st smart concept for various funeral and shraaddh solutions

SWARGADWARA.COM is a single point solution for various Funeral and post death rituals. The company was launched in Bhubaneswar on 25th November 2016. A single phone call and the services at client’s doorstep for all types of death related rituals.

While a number of startups have come up to cater to various needs & requirements of the Indian public, few have cared to venture into the distressed category. Few have tried to make the lives of people easy by alleviating their pain by easing their mode of reach to essential services. One such start up, first one to do so in Odisha, is SWARGADWARA.COM a company that provides services and solutions for all types of funeral requirements.

The company provides following stream of services,

  • Transport van and funeral logistics related to ritual materials
  • First death anniversary
  • Annual Sraaddh
  • Ashes Immersion at Allahabad, Gaya & Kasi
  • Body repatriation by air

The Idea behind the start-up

The concept of Swargadwara was initially conceived when the founder, Plaban, happened to mention one day, how his younger brother had to run around helter &skelter for 13 days to arrange all the requirements and logistics for his father-in-law’s funeral and post funeral rituals. His brother’s job location being out of state, contributed to his unfamiliarity with local vendors and hence had to struggle to ensure that all rituals were followed religiously, thus making things tougher for him. That was when the idea of offering a one point coordinated service for such unfortunate occasions came across his mind so that the people concerned do not have to run around for all the arrangements and instead have a single point service provider at their disposal. The concept met with genuine agreement by his family, friends and independent individuals. That was when Plaban resolved to go ahead with his idea of “Swargadwara.com”.

The Core Team

Plaban Mohapatra (Founder)

Sujata Mohapatra (Co-Founder)

Bibhudutt Das (Chief Strategy Officer)

Pallabi Ghosh (Director of Operations)

RusiPattanaik (PR Advisor)

Gopal Chandra Ghosh (Director of Operations)

SmrutiprakashPatalsingh (Service Delivery Manager)

Naresh Chandra Mohanty (Logistics Advisor)

Initial Challenges

The team is facing challenges to create awareness in the community as outsourcing the last rituals is not yet in the Indian blood, even if it deems an important need for the distressed family. And the team is looking forward for Government’s assistance in spreading the awareness in the community.

Vision and Mission

The team’s mission is to at least tangibly alleviate the pain and earn blessings of the bereaved family. The ultimate aim is to endeavor to provide a soothing touch to hearts of the mourning family members.

Their vision is to provide seamless, coordinated and quality service to ensure that the client’s rituals are followed religiously and without any interruptions or hassles. Team aims to spread the reach of their services in various nook & corners of India so that the family & relatives can devote more time with their well-wishers during the unfortunate event, while Swargdwara shoulder the responsibility to manage the required arrangements and logistics. Read about Indian Startups.

SWARGADWARA.COM – Odisha’s 1st smart concept for various funeral and shraaddh solutions
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