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Sublimefactory is owned by Ador Group’s youngest company, 1908 eventures Pvt Ltd.The startup hand picks and identifies partnerships with personal care, skincare and cosmetic brands from various parts of the world and India and helps them launch in India. Sublimefactory curates skincare, personal care, cosmetic and hygiene brands for men, women and kids and addresses a premium to luxury segment and customer base. The startup has exclusive partnerships with a number of brands.

The challenges to setting up a business of this nature is the lead times and documentation to import and register brands with the FDA and addressing consumers to help them discover new brands in a non discount platform.


The idea evolved over time with many interactions with international brands that wanted to enter India but were very skeptical with the current ecommerce platforms and concerned about the heavy discounting on the platform. The  Eureka moment was when the mastermind behind the startup saw the success of at Singapore and how focused they were on offering a certain kind of brand portfolio.


The core team / founders are 2 partners from Ador Group (Ninotchka Nagpal and Deep Lalvani). Deep has also known Tushar Balsara from Google, UK for many years and they felt it was a right fit to mutually work together on this. They personally went to a couple of B-schools for recruitments and also identified people he has worked with in his previous roles who would be a right fit for the Orgnization.

They like to think themselves as a millienial driven organization with the average age around 25. The startup also  has a strong intern policy and have a number of 19 to 21 year old interns rotating on projects and assignments.  The energy is high and the team spirit & collaborative nature of the team is very strong.


Deep Lalvani : co-founder –Is an MBA from Manchester Business School , UK. He has 10 years of leadership experience across diverse functions ranging from manufacturing to strategy at Ador Group.He is a promoter and Director at Ador Group. He set up the Ador welding academy in 2012

Ninotchka Nagpal : She has done  her masters from Imperial College , London and comes with a   twenty years of Leadership experience. She also strong  experience in design and finance  and also works as a promoter and Director at Ador Group

Tushar Balsara : He is masters from Lancaster University.He works for Google and handles Google Analytics 360 – Product, Strategy & Commercilisation Lead, EMEA and is based  out of London office.

Team –  A Diverse team ranging from our brand manager who completed her masters from Manchester university with 3 years experience in brand management to five of our team members who completed their masters across various fields and head Digital marketing, PR, Business analytics, e-tailing and data analytics.

Our content developer also completed her studies from Manchester university while our operations head has worked for over 10 years across IT and manufacturing sectors after completing his masters from New Zealand.


Sublime is India’s only premium to luxury platform for personal care and skincare brands with a portfolio of exclusive brands. It is also a preferred platform for brands who want to ensure they don’t heavily discount online.


Sublime’s revenue model is through online sales, brand partnerships and cross promotional online and offline events. Their plan is to build more exclusive brand tie ups in near future and also, to cross promotional offline experiential events and experiential centers. They are also planning to launch a highly customized App for sublimefactory.

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