Stumagz creates a digital community for students

Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink. With the emergence of new companies every day, there is a surge in the job offerings, but with the lack of awareness on how to get a grab of it, one is left with dilemma. When such dilemma stricken students and Mr.Charan Lakkaraju happened to meet in his Campus Recruitment Training programs, a solution was worked out in the form of an app, which was named “Stumagz“. With an intention to act as an interface and to build new opportunities, as-well-as, to build over the existing ones, Mr.Charan ( an ex-Infosis employee,who left the lucrative job to be a vivid trainer ) and Mr.Fredy DSV ( has over seven product designs to his credit and years of domain experience ) put the mightier pen ahead for the story line. Stumagz ( a product of Right Process Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ) is a student centric online magazine that acts as interface for colleges and students alike. Owing to the rules of the NBA, every college is required to have a magazine of it’s own. Stumagz brings out the update mechanism for the colleges. Being the first of the kind, it is not easy to convince colleges over its usability. Mr.Charan has this to say in this regard –

“The proposition being student centric, did not take us much time to get them on board and get started. But, it is definitely not a one-day show. The bottom line was to connect students and we were figuring out ways to do it. As a result of many discussions over drinks till dawn the result was Stumagz. It work’s at three levels: The student-college connectivity, student-student (other college collaboration), college-student-company (tri-party collaboration) levels, which makes it more functional and feasible. The wow factor was to get everyone to write stories and share experiences by providing a free writing space. The chord struck when like-minded people met at the right time. Building processes with focus and diversity required people from diverse background. Since everyone wanted to apply their expertise to build up the next big thing, aligning ones goal with that of the organization was not a difficult task”.

Exist by Connecting

Information is the grass- root for ideas and initiatives. Stumagz can be the chosen platform for students to provide information and share experiences. It is an open space where they can give voice to their opinions. Now that all such stories are a part of their college magazine it helps the college in updating the students and keeping them abreast with the happenings. This helps build a healthy connect between the inter college and the intra college.

Collaborate for Future

A one-man army can never last long. Stumagz builds a system to bridge the gap between the opportunity and the one seeking it. A platform for students across, to find the right talent for ventures and take things ahead in other colleges. A great scope to connect to companies that will now have a wider and a varied range to choose from. Fueling a better ecosystem.

The Cult

With the exchange of ideas now comes the opportunity of becoming a part of a highly influential group. No growth is possible without being rooted deep and Stumagz is a platform to be a community and create a trend. Offering a free platform for showcasing serves as the icing on the cake.

Though the company was incorporated in the last week of November 2015, the beta version of the product was launched in the last week of January 2016 and since then they have around 4,000 users and 750 stories.

They are a self-funded start-up with a multi-dimensional approach to the connections and collaboration that happens through Stumagz, so not being typical of one category is of a greater scope.


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