Statup India Rocks Noida winner Quotesrain solves author problems

Quotesrain provides author profiles, books, video interviews of authors, tweet scheduler, book teasers and book promotions on one platform. Through quotesrain we are forming an online author community which is a one platform solution for all author problems.

Proof that Social Media helps a lot

Social media helped a lot in growth and promotions for quotesrain, when they initially faced difficulty in getting the authors who are situated abroad on their platform.

There is a reason behind every startup

The founder earlier worked with quite a few authors before starting quotesrain which made him understand the problems faced by them after publishing the book. And so the idea of an online portal for all authors needs made quotesrain happen. Eureka moment was when they got the first batch of authors on their portal.

A small intro team Quotesrain

Quotesrain core team consists of Naveen Joshi who handles project vision, team building, technology and investor management and has 10 years of experience in web and mobile technology.

Earlier he developed M4maths application which is one of the most popular exam preparation site having one million users. Madhukar Joshi handles team, customer support, accounts and operations. Others in the team are for full time resource for development, design, content and marketing.

Authors respond. Yes!

Being first of a kind in India, the team is yet to open the market for Indian authors but getting an overwhelming response from foreign authors has been the biggest plus point.

One among the participants of Startup India Rocks event

They received an invite email from the startup India rocks and the main aim is to promote their startup and get an investment out of it to develop further. They are not part of any incubator. Lama Jabr being the mentor is the owner of xana publishing, digital marketing and branding strategist from Sydney, Australia.

Quiet a good growth

Global publishing industry spends over $10 billion on sales and marketing. 3.4 million e-books are on amazon itself and 1 million are added every year. On an average author spends $750 in publishing annually. About $1000 is spent annually on sales and marketing by an author.

A fund of rupees 1cr is been expected froom which- 40% will be spent on marketing, 20% on technology, 30% on salary and 10% on other expenses. They provide different author plans on their website ranging from 24$ to 144$ and till date more than 300 transaction has been noticed on their website and has over 1300 authors enlisted to the portal till date. Hence, a good initiative for authors out there.

Statup India Rocks Noida winner Quotesrain solves author problems
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