Startup Utsav: A Student Startup Summit

Startup Utsav

With the youth of the country moving fast towards the Startup boom, there is a lot of data lying around but a little more than zero of it is being utilised. Startup Utsav is a student startup summit which aims to pull the best there is in a student and find out ways in which he/she can benefit in the startup world. Startup Utsav provides a single platform for investors, mentors and students with great ambitions to meet at a single spot and create a win-win situation.

An event spanning for two whole days, Startup Utsav is being conducted at the St. Peters Engineering college, Hyderabad. The event lets students pitch their ideas, find mentors, network with them and gain great cheques as investments and finally, launch their startup. Gone are the days where students sit in their canteen or college corridors thinking about starting up but never do. With the increase in student’s increased interest towards the growing startup ecosystem, Startup Utsav stands the best way for their dreams to come true.

With Indian CEO as their official online media partner, Startup Utsav has great events planned where a student gets enough exposure and opportunities to certify his/her ideas. The summit, with an intention to bring out the best in students, has set a great number of competitions and awards the best of the best boosting a great morale among the student society. With awesome awards by the name student startup awards will be given away for the winners.

Startup Utsav serves as a spot to pitch student startup ideas where they are validated and nominated. With enough hard work and a tad bit of luck, they can even attract the coolest crowd of investors at the summit. With personalized mentoring(Great influential people will be taking out time to talk and mentor the young and the bright), Startup Utsav helps build a student’s professional network circle.

Robotics experts, Leading and budding entrepreneurs, angel investors are all to pool in for Startup Utsav. Great power talks by these remarkable individuals who have set a benchmark for themselves are to lighten up Startup Utsav to inspire the young and bold of today. Interesting and new technologies like IoT and A.I will be explored and chances to startup on them will be discussed and displayed.This certified summit comes at an affordable cost of rupees ₹400 which includes food cost for the two days of the event. Tickets for the event can be booked through Nikeelu Gunda@ +910984-862-1234 or their official website

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