Startup is not a 20-20 Match

Startup tips

Startup Tips

Have you started your own startup? or are you a part time entrepreneurs who is aiming to start soon while working somewhere? How you should work, think or focus in initial stage of your startup journey!

This blog may be useful or good insight for budding entrepreneurs or early stage startups or an active dreamer:

  1. Startup or Entrepreneurship is not a 20-20 cricket match, not a #Soccer match or not a #Comedy nights where you will get success overnight. Startups works if you are ready to pay the price to make it a big success over a period of years. Foundation should be strong. Start getting some business. Manage good relationship with the clients for repeat business. Be flexible with all external stakeholders handling.
  1. Continuous Action– This is what require most in any startup. #OLA, #Flipkart #Paytm & many more has started with simple product. Initially their product Idea was different but over a period of continuous actions & feedback they have positioned now a top brand E-Commerce platform in various segments. Change your short term Idea but don’t change your long term vision.
  1. Business development is very important & after launching in market you have to validate/check what your customer requirements, need etc and go back, redefine or redesign. You can’t develop with one way focus.


Product Or Service Push in market


Customer or Clients Pull

  1. Founders should play the role of everything in any Startup. Product planning, Sales & marketing, Finance, operations and unrelated work like office management, system Infrastructure(PC/laptop) check, food etc. Overall, you should be problem solver of each & everything to take your startup ahead. You can’t just delegate & relax.
  1. “No EMI & Financial Burden” – Hope you have got my message. Yes, please do not have any EMI, loans, borrowings on your soldier unless you are very very confident to repay with ease without disturbing your mindset.
  1. If any of you have got posed or worrying about recent news of various big funded startup shutting down & getting failure should not matter in your determination of running your startup or dream. Remember, no one in this world know you better than you. You can change the planning but not focus.

Apart from above points, there could be many other important tips also. Sometime, every startup has unique & specific challenges. You are the best to judge yourself. Study it & resolve it as per the situation.

I will be coming up with many more points in my next blog.

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