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Startup Delhi Facebook Group connects startup enthusiasts

Startup Delhi Facebook Group helps you to find jobs, internships, discuss ideas and many more

Well, there were days when having a  great network with people was considered to be difficult, the days always seemed to be gruesome when we had nothing much to do because of lack of opportunities. This community is striving to solve this problem by connecting its users to various executives in their domains and providing them ample opportunities to grow in their careers.

The Eureka Moment

Generally, people struggle mostly at times when they need resources, funds, manpower and the most important feedback and guidance. The breakthrough was seeing people using the group in the same manner which the founder experienced. Slowly, the community started to grow with people asking questions on how to start a company, how to get funding, whom to approach for mentorship. Read Qonfuse gets funded thanks to this Facebook Group.

How it all started

It all started back in 2015 September, when Abhishek Kumar Gupta started a Facebook group named Startup Delhi in order to bring like-minded people under one umbrella and helping them sharing ideas and resources with each other. Today the startup community has more than 31k.This group later became a place to post job information ,sharing resumes of other entrepreneurs and mentoring people in the group. Abhishek also organises offline events in Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru where budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts get together for activities like co-founder matchmaking; or to discuss topics like crowd funding, how to raise funds, start blogging, hire the right candidates.

Abhishek Kumar Gupta, Founder

Journey So Far

Starting a business is not an easy task. Many young people coming out of colleges with the hopes of becoming entrepreneurs, don’t know how to register a company, how to develop an app, how to reach to the target audience, how to build the right team, etc.,” says Abhishek Kumar Gupta, the admin of a Facebook community named Startup Delhi. Abhishek who has done MBA in Marketing worked with media and educating companies and left is job and focused on startup Delhi which is now a huge success. He helped more than 35 startups. Read funding news. Website:

Startup Delhi Facebook Group connects startup enthusiasts
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