Start a Startup not “a flock of gulls”

We as a human love to discuss about problems rather than acting against it with solution. Solutions seekers are there but action is lacking. How many of us are aware about government pension and other offerings for that widow maid working in our house? And if we know about the same, how many of us help them or spread it across? We are aware about the issues in our country, we watch it in our surroundings also but we never initiate. We are the youngest country of the world but only few of young people are working towards a Better India with their social initiative. There are few social workers, also known as SocialPreneurs, but most of them are unknown heroes people call them as Medicine Baba, ‘Jharkhand’s Waterman and so on.

No matter where we stand in terms of literacy standards, there are 3 to 4 startups mushrooming every day in India. India is a country where people have excellent ideas for everything. Yes, for everything! For example, after the announcement of demonetization by the Indian government last year, huge number of people started googling “How to Convert Black money into white?” and the answers were full of ideas. It was not only limited to the discussion via online forum but every street and tea stall had people sharing their ideas about this topic. And then a Startup emerged out by the name of bookmychotu.

Whenever we Indians face any issue, we always seek for the solution and that is one of the various reasons behind the rise of Indian Startups which lead India as World’s 3rd Largest Startup Hub. The year 2016 was not as good as 2015 for Startups because of the flock philosophy. India Startup Inc. is rising but the downfall is also equivalent to it. After meeting hundreds of startups and Wannapreneur (The ones who want to be an entrepreneur) community, it can be concluded that a common problem persist these days:

  • They always consider their idea as the best
  • Since this XYZ industry is trending these days, we should come up with this “Startup”
  • I/we faced this issue and found a very good solution so this can be converted into a BUSINESS.
  • Oops its not a business, It is a “Startup”
  • I dont want to have a market validation/testing for it
  • And if their is recognition for it, they will shift their focus to funding
  • Efforts for Product development become less than seeking funds
  • They look for investor not Mentor
  • Lack of marketing/promotions

Remember for success of your business you have to give respect/importance to end users(Consumer) who are the base of your business. I would like to suggest few things to those who are willing to start a business or have started a new venture :

  • Initiate : Be the first mover
  • Meet new people
  • Talk to everyone you meet whether its a Rickshaw man or a Professor (Understand their life cycle)
  • Stay updated with news & technology
  • Respect every individuals not their title/designation
  • Attend events , events are one stop shop for any business
  • Try to build the best of your network as a keen learner
  • Gain knowledge from everywhere, and spread it. Remember “Knowledge is power” only if applied.
  • Spread awareness about the industry you belong to
  • Don’t compete with the industry, compete with your small achievements
  • Competitors are the best teachers : Learn from other’s mistakes
  • Learn to say Thank You whomsoever comes forward to help anybody.
  • And above all : Always look and share positive things which is the only reason behind any success ( Whenever there is a new Startup there is an innovative solution which is an example of the positive sign, Like we were looking for e-wallets and Paytm sprang as a solution, if we are looking for online grocery shopping, Grofers is the solution ). Remember, solutions are always a positive outcome of any problem.
Start a Startup not “a flock of gulls”
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