18 year old’s startup delivers contraceptive in 30 minutes

SMS Contriceptive

Now not only Pizza, get your Contraceptives delivered at home in 30 minutes with SMS Contriceptive

Sirhaan Seth, barely 18 years, has started this unique service to deliver condoms and other contraceptives at your doorstep within a timeframe of 30 minutes.  It is a single handed venture of Sirhaan who is presently studying in a college in Gurgaon.  The service has been rolled out in Gurgaon currently. The startup is called as SMS Contriceptive.

The reason to start this service

Sirhaan discovered from experiences of his friends and acquaintances that 80 percent times, the need for contraceptives arise without constructive anticipation.  Infact one day when he was checking out website domains, a website on condoms flashed onscreeen. At that moment a friend narrated a bewildering moment when the friend was  with a companion but they did not have condoms or any other contraceptives in hand to ensure a safe sex. It is here that the idea to open an online forum clicked in his mind.

Sex isn’t looked upon as something casual and normal, especially in India. A social taboo is attached with sex. For this reason young boys and girls,  for that matter even older men and women are inhibited to buy condoms or pregnancy control pills from shop. But the outcome is, many end up having unprotected sex. Sirhaan comprehended the need of the hour to ensure safe sex. He first started service in his hometown Gurgaon.

The USP is the ‘thirty minutes time frame’

There are online portals offering sex related stuffs on sale. But the order takes days or weeks to materialize. That only works if you know the date you require those stuffs. But if the call of the hour comes by unprecedented, then what do you do? With SMS Contraceptive, you just need to order your favourite brand via snapchat or order online. You can even text your requirement and the things gets delivered to the given address in thirty minutes. SMS Contraceptive has roped in all major brands of condoms, lubricants, birth control pills and preg cards. The moment you feel the requirement of any of these products,  either sms, snapchat or just order them online and get them delivered in a matter of half an hour or earlier.

The challenge faced by SMS Contraceptive

It is only few days that the service has seen the light. The USP of the service is in turn is the major challenge. Delivering products in thirty minutes is not easy. Especially in an extended city like Gurgaon, thirty minutes delivery turn out is tough to meet. But that is the major idea, to make the service popular and useful. In a way it is a noble idea to make sex safe at given point of time. That is what the founder wants to achieve even with major distance deterrents.

Another challenge lies with few specifications in products, which are rarely available in India. Within few days the Startup service has orders for extra large condoms. That is hard to find in India instantly. It requires pre order. These were not thought of before rolling out services but sourcing and stocking such variants are in the process.

The revenue so far

In 10 or 15 days the response is remarkable. The order average is about 5 to 6 per days. That meets product cost and the salary of the four delivery boys. Within ten days the website, SMS Contraceptive has hits of 10, 700 which is beyond commendable. Franchise offers are also pouring in. Therefore after South Delhi, roll out in Gujarat is also being accounted.


Sirhaan Seth took upon the investment part alone with the help of his parents. As he worked with another startup on salary basis, he had his own savings. His parents too believed in the project. With the way the startup is advancing, we are sure to see a surge in another month or so.

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