Smell the coffee with Mcaffeine

Mcaffeine is India’s First Caffeine infused Personal Care Brand for Men and Women. It is India’s First Energizing Personal Care Brand. After a full fledged R&D on coffee, here is what the startup discovered. Coffee is one of the great motivators of human productivity, fueling the motto of our current generation of getting shit done. But like coffee is the fuel which drives our work hard, party harder lifestyle, it is caffeine which supercharges coffee and makes coffee great. Their products ( Shampoo, Face wash, Shower gel etc) contain energy ingredients like Caffeine, Ginseng etc. These ingredients have an amazing effect on both Hair and Skin. Caffeine does its magic on hair by going to the hair follicles and strengthening the hair roots. It delays Hair Fall. On Skin, it removes the dead skin, delays the aging process and works as a powerful antioxidant.

Mcaffeine was launched in October 2016, after a rigorous research on the topic for nine months. It is brain child of Tarun Sharma and Vikas Lachhwani. This all started when they got really angry with all the “Shade Card” companies selling insecurities to dear brothers and sisters of India. They chose to take the task in their hand and develop a brand which celebrates confidence and upholds inner beauty as the epitome. This startup values confidence over color.

Mcaffeine founders :

Vikas Lachhwani   (Ex-SVP, Growth, Zoom Car, IIT KGP 2003)
Early member of Mu-Sigma US. Worked with one of the world’s largest retailer for their FMCG retail strategies. Ran his ed-tech startup for 5 years – Trusanga then joined Zoom Car and led its hyper-expansion from 1 city to 6 cities.

Tarun Sharma – ( Ex-Head, Operations, Box8;   ISM Dhanbad 2011)
Box8 is a VC funded Food Tech startup with more than 60 outlets in 3 cities. Scaled Box8 from 1 outlet till 40th outlet managing more than 1000 member team across verticals.

Mcaffeine launched the brand with 6 SKU’s including Face Wash, Shampoo and has plans to scale this up to 40 SKU in an year. They are delivering at more than 14000 pin codes across India and is working on International shipping as well. The startup has sold more than 20000 units in less than 2 months and the customer response is overwhelming. They aim for $2 million revenues with 40 SKU and multiple sales channels in a year.

It has a very clear brand distinction unlike a lot of brands. Hence, penetrating market becomes easy for them. They conduct detailed groups and extensive product reviews. The surveys, reviews, feedbacks have been used to train an analytics engine for product selection. This gives MCaffeine an unprecedented edge in the personal care industry. People at Mcaffeine aim to build a product range more aligned with consumers than industry leaders with fastest ‘time to market’ for product launches.
The establishment raised a funding of $300K from ace investors including Kaushal Agarwal, MD of Avendus Capital, Harminder Sahani, MD of Wazir Advisors, KK Mehra, EX-CTO of Capillary Technologies, Pranay Jivrajka, COO at Ola Cabs and Navjot Saini of Trafigura. Raised fund will be used primarily on expanding the product portfolio and supply chain. The major focus will be on to build an analytics engine for better product selection.

In Tarun’s words, Well, the brand – Mcaffeine is super interesting. Our customers are loving it and a lot of celebrities are coming to us showing interest in working with the brand just for the concept. This not only saves a lot of marketing dollar but also helps in creating viral buzz.

After their online success, they are ready to hit the offline stores. Taking market by coffee storm is deliciously beautiful, the brand being about skin and hair care. Read more about Indian Startups.

We at IndianCEO wish you all the very best..!!

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Smell the coffee with Mcaffeine
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