Save Your Health has a virtual sexual health web-based platform

virtual sexual health

Virtual Sexual Health lets you discretely talk to doctors from your home

Save Your Health’s virtual sexual health allows you to anonymously consult with verified sexologists, psychologists & gynecologists, have video chats telephonic calls and text-based consultations from the comfort of home

Most of the adults in India tend to keep up with the problems related to sexual health because of the taboos which are embedded in the Indian society.  The Study shows that one in every five males encounter sex related problems in their lives and more than 75 percent of the cases go unreported. This leads to a number of causalities in the lives of adults as well as their near and dear ones. This is where Save Your Health is working to solve this problem. Save Your Health is India’s leading healthcare company that provides healthcare services like Home Care, Sexual Care, Diagnostic Test etc. in the comfort of your home.

Save Your Health has been incubated by startup Oasis, a Jaipur-based incubation centre set up at the joint initiative of RIICO, Rajasthan’s premiere industrial promotion organisation, and the Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship at IIM-Ahmedabad.

The Eureka Moment for Virtual Sexual Health

They Wanted to pioneer to solve real healthcare problem through technology in rural, urban and slum.  All of them just came across this topic and started giving out ideas and this lead to the inception of Save Your Health. Even The doctors gave support to their idea and started out with their project.

The core team members has experienced on their own fields such as Dr. Amit Joshi (Sexologist), Dr. Kunal Kothari (Cardio Diabetes and NCD), Dr. Arvind Tomar (Physiotherapist), Dr. Astha Goyal (Eye Specialties), Dr. Punit Gupta (Physician), Dr. Amit Kumar Sharma (ENT Specialties), Dr. Sadhana Jain (Nursing), Mr. Saurabh Gupta (Pharmacist), Mr. Arpit Jain (Pharmacist), Dr. Dushyant Parmar (Physiotherapy), Mr. Rohitash Kumar Parashar(Nursing) etc.

Medical Team

The founder, Rakesh Kumar is a 23 year old  and have more than 2 year industrial experience in Python Programming Language have published research papers and is a member of various reputable organizations.

Rakesh Kumar

Future Plans

Save Your Health is currently bootstrapped and is looking for funding. They are likely to expand its service across India and abroad. A lot of features are to be added on the go and they are likely to add more functionality related to medical tourism services. Even when there a lot of players in the healthcare market Save Your Health startup believes that they are very unique with their model and are confident enough that their startup will reach great heights.

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