Saina Nehwal Turns Her Head Towards The Startup World

Saina Nehwal

Saina Nehwal invests 2 Million in healthcare startup Soothe Healthcare

With the increase in the number of prospective profitable start-ups, the number of investors in these are also on the rise.  Celebrities seem to be done with politics and now have started a trend and buzz by turning into active investors in startups. Bollywood stars and cricketers were seen as investors and now recently, the world’s best badminton champions Saina Nehwal seems to be interested in the startup world.

Saina Nehwal,  along with Sixth Sense Ventures, a Bangalore-based venture firm, has invested $2 million in the health care sector startup, Soothe Healthcare.

Where and Why

Saina Nehwal will also be the brand ambassador for the Soothe Healthcare’s Paree sanitary pads. Having endorsed a lot of other brands, Saina Nehwal sees this in an entirely different light as she will be having a sense of ownership over the product.

Soothe Healthcare is a feminine and women-centric startup which focus on products for women. Paree is their approach to not only sell sanitary napkins but also to educate the women in the country(an estimated statistics speak that more than 80% of women in India do not use sanitary napkins). Paree stands as a great initiative which promotes personal hygiene among women. Soothe Healthcare has a target audience of 1665 million girls of the age group 10-24 and has an estimated market growth to more than 21,000 crores by 2025.  It is the biggest sanitary pads supplier to the government under the National Health Mission (NHM) initiative.

In the Future

A growing brand to be reckoned with, Paree is gaining a lot of traction from greater Noida to the North Indian retail market and aims to become a global brand in the coming 5 years. Saina Nehwal’s investment seems to play a role here as Sahil Dharia the Founder and CEO of Soothe Healthcare has commented on how the funds will be used. Sahil Dharia has even managed to secure funding for Soothe Healthcare from the ex-President of Reliance, Anil Gupta.

The funds coming in from Saina Nehwal and Sixth Sense Ventures will be used in channeling the business expansion, advertising and brand promotion. A winner of ‘Spirit Of Manufacturing award’ last year, Soothe Healthcare aims to be a real good epitome in creating an impact on the general populace with their mission.

Soothe Healthcare, along with the investment money from Saina Nehwal and Sixth Sense Ventures, has  tie-ups with major giants like Walmart, ITC etc., so as to expand their branding network.

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