RupeePower Streamlines Financial Decisioning and Investment Planning for Common People

Gone are the days when financial planning was a labyrinthine process. These days applying for a personal loan or buying an insurance policy or choosing a credit card or taking a financial decision is as easy as shopping for groceries and fashion accessories online. Thanks to digital technology for bringing banks, lenders and non-banking financial institutions to us on a single platform like where common people can easily take personal finance decisions.

RupeePower, an innovation of digital technology, is a one-stop personal finance platform for Indian consumers. Founded in 2012, RupeePower is the brainchild of Tejasvi Mohanram, an alumnus of IIT Bombay and ISB Hyderabad. This startup is not just an aggregator of banking and non-banking financial institutions but also helps people with instant, paperless disbursal of loans and credit products. Since its inception, it has evolved and become a lending institution itself.


Tejasvi Mohanram’s personal experience of applying for a loan gave birth to the idea of a user friendly digital platform like RupeePower so that common people could be spared of the rigid, cumbersome and time-consuming process which he himself had undergone. While digitalization and Internet penetration were looming large across India, this particular section was digitally backward to the discomfort of consumers.

“When I decided to build my business, I realized that the approach of completely changing a system is not the right way to go. I instead recognized pain points in the system and set out to solve it. In doing so, RupeePower was born as a solution to improve the existing system, partnering with banks and lenders to help them renovate, if not re-furbish, their digital lending operations,” says Tejasvi Mohanram.


Tejasvi Mohanram is the founder and CEO of RupeePower. An alumnus of IIT Bombay and ISB Hyderabad, he began his career as a derivatives trader at Deutsche Bank. It was followed by a role as Vice President at Citi global markets in London. It’s he who has led RupeePower through approximately Rs 13,000 crore in credit disbursals, with a strong belief that algorithms built on digital footprints will revolutionize lending.  He is a banker-programmer at heart and a visionary for his startup. The driving force behind the constant growth and evolution of RupeePower is the leadership team comprising of IIT and ISB alumni with rich experience in banking, consumer finance, Internet technology and financial markets.


The business model of RupeePower is an interface between B2B and B2C. The 2-in-1 business model helps banks and NBFCs in digitizing their customer acquisition and credit decisioning process, thereby considerably reducing their average turnaround time. It facilitates instant, paperless disbursal of loans and other financial products. On the other hand, RupeePower helps consumers with the best financial options from several leading banking and non-banking institutions. The USP of RupeePower is neutrality in presenting financial products so that consumers can make informed decisions by comparing the products and evaluating them in according with their personal requirements.


“RupeePower is in competition with itself though there are a few other startups in the similar niche. We are the only firm in the market that provides an End-to-End seamless digital credit decisioning services. Unlike RupeePower, other companies provide services comprising a part of the entire flow of credit disbursal right from the marketplace to final approval. Our USP is our unique value proposition to stand out in competition with others,” Tejasvi Mohanram.


Technology is everything in a FinTech startup like RupeePower. Like today’s startups, RupeePower is empowered with digital technology. It has completely digitized the entire credit decisioning for over 10 largest lending institutions in the country. RupeePower is a seamless integration of technology and finance into a unique business model providing end-to-end credit solutions on a digital platform that this generation is quite familiar with.


“Hiring the best talent in the industry and getting the first client are the biggest challenges for every startup. These were not exceptions to RupeePower at the initial phase. With an unshakeable belief in our solution for pain points in the system, we overcame the challenges and formed a team with some of the best talent in the industry,” says Tejasvi Mohanram.


Since inception, RupeePower has elicited an overwhelming response. It has disbursed over 7000 Cr of loans through our platform in FY15-16 and is targeting to help disburse over 10,000 Cr of loans this FY. RupeePower is also the most trusted credit decisioning platform that is used by over 10 large lending institutions in the country.


“We have been a profitable venture over past two years. However, we are considering looking at funding to expand the business further, make our solutions more robust and expand our customer base. Since we digitally operate, our vision is to bring consumers under a single digital roof where they can easily select and apply for various financial products, including insurance, loan and credit card, and where banking institutions can benefit from our omni-channel customer acquisition platform,” says Tejasvi Mohanram. Read about more Indian Startups.

RupeePower Streamlines Financial Decisioning and Investment Planning for Common People
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