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That day which we dream of for years, that day for which we toil for months, that day for which we earnestly prepare ourselves for weeks, that day which makes us shiver in the anxiety of its approach and happy in the excitement of its happening – everyone who went through it knows. It is the day of a job interview. Especially for students who are going through the phase of campus placements, there is an insurmountable amount of stress to perform well. As if this is not enough, everybody who is somebody is ready to rewind into a flashback, with a faraway look on their faces, pride in their eyes and a wise smile on their lips; start off their own interview stories and give unlimited advice on how to behave in the interview. Desperately trying to imagine and presume how their interview is going to be, students don’t know whom to approach. In these moments helplessness, Rootalpha promises to be a valuable companion through the entire journey of getting placed.

Mycampusing – student careers

Rootalpha has a campus job hiring solution – MyCampusing. This is a platform which connects students and employers. Over 200 companies and 10,000 students are clients for the MyCampusing mobile solution. It acts as a career networking solution as it brings together college students and graduates. The recruitment process is also well organized and streamlined. It eliminates the cost of travelling and digitizes the process of interviewing. It helps students get through the pre-placement days. Many students try to understand the companies they are applying for a job. But they are not provided with the right information and after a lot of surfing through the web, all they find is what they already know. So the app also provides a clean and simple interface for the students to look at all the company profiles without any waste of time. all students have to do is to take assessments and get hired.

Team Rootalpha

Parichay Das is the Founder and  CEO of Rootalpha along with Sayan Das who is the Co-Founder and  CTO Age. The other core team includes Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay (Chief Research Officer) and Puja Talukder (Chief Public Relations and HR officer). The team was brought together by Parichay Das as he put forward the idea to his juniors Sayan Das and Sabyasachi Mukhopadhyay. Puja Talukder was roped in being a management graduate.

Parichay Das, Founder & CEO

Rootalpha plans to become the solution for online campus Hiring and complete End to End campus recruitment platform.

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