In this nation full of young blood that are coming up with brilliant ideas and becoming entrepreneurs with countless startups, there is one small problem. There are many youngsters who have good ideas and also the capacity to execute those ideas. But not all of them are programmers. And many are not proficient in programming languages either. Such people face a problem in developing mobile or web apps of good quality which cater to their needs and specifications. Having a web or mobile application is the best way to reach the customers as well as to market products. To digitalize their entrepreneurial setup, they need people who can develop apps.  This is where RedInno steps in. RedInno is a platform for the development of complex solutions for customers, thus contributing to their success. The versatility of RedInno is shown by the fact that it works with startups, established businesses and the world’s leading brands in the financial services, travel & hospitality, healthcare & fitness, real estate and transportation sectors.


 In a country where the top most IT sector companies and organizations use Java and .net, there opens up a great opportunity for those who know other languages which are equally necessary to provide solutions to a varied range of web based problems. Python is one such language with a unique feature of readability giving it an edge over other languages. RedInno which observed this necessity came up with the idea of bringing together proficient python/django language programmers with a great efficiency to solve problems and make products in a limited amount of time. This sets them apart from many other web and mobile app developers.


The founder of RedInno, Rakesh Kumar, is a 23 year old python programmer. RedInno has over 12 full time employees and the core team consists of Gourav Sanghai (Frontend Developer), Hetendra Singh Rathore (Mobile Developer), Gaurav Bazari (Product Manager), Kartik Sharma (Backend Developer), Shivangi Kalra (Backend Developer), Ravi Sharma (Office Manager), Himanshu Vijayvergia (UI Designer), Surbhi Sethi (QA Engineer), Rishav Kumar (CTO), Neelam Garg (Team Leader) and Ajay Sharma (COO).


Rakesh Kumar, Founder


RedInno provides the services of web and mobile app development, UI/UX design and many other python based services. It has made products for organizations such as Save your Health, Medico tour, House of Flavors, Careerdekho and many more. Following the agile methodology and creating products of excellence this Bangalore based company which has more than 20 clients today, is planning to extend its services to the cities of Hyderabad, Chennai, Goa, Mumbai and Ahmedabad other than the presently operational cities of Jaipur and Patna.

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