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Qtrove is bringing local entrepreneurs that produce unique goods online

Qtrove was started with a mission to empower local entrepreneurs that produce unique products popular in their local surroundings. It aims to be a curated marketplace that exhibits and sells from small entrepreneurs across the country as well as share their stories through dedicated vendor pages across social media. In today’s world of mass produced unsustainable products, Qtrove comes as a breath of fresh air by curating the best products from handpicked vendors across categories. From fresh bakery goods to hand made soaps, Qtrove brings only the choicest products to its customers.

The business model Qtrove works on

Daring to go the unconventional route, Qtrove is looking to remain a non-discounting marketplace website. The team firmly believes that the age of discounting is slowly running its full course and customer awareness for quality products will prevail going forth. Today’s consumer is faced with scientifically proven ‘Tyranny of Choice’ after browsing through similar looking assembly line products on multiple websites. There is nothing unique on offer and hence no value addition to the online buying experience. Shopping is reduced to a mere convenience and I feel the joy to shop at leisure is lost in the process. At Qtrove, we want our customers to enjoy their shopping experience and browse through all the exotic products on offer.

One of the key differentiators about Qtrove is that we follow a seller first approach where vendors are given center stage to share their passion for the products they make and their experiences in being entrepreneurs.

The showcased products are environmentally sustainable and pass through a stringent quality test before they are made available on the website. Our sales team has been trained to separate the good from the average and to look for that unique factor that validates a vendor being present on our website.

While the Indian customer is used to seeing product after product shot against a white background, we decided to do something quite different. Even though it involves a lot more work, we style and professionally shoot each and every product that goes on our website. This ensures that customers get a better visual of the product resulting in a better understanding and expectation of the product they wish to order. At the end of the day all that matters is the value we add to our customers’ life through the products we sell to them. At Qtrove we aim to appeal to our customers’ inner connoisseur, with products that are sustainable in nature and have individuality and personality.

Article is written by team Qtrove

Vinamra Pandiya (Founder – Product, Marketing, Finance)

Prashanth Nagarajan (Co-Founder – Sales, Ops, HR)

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