We all know it and heard it a thousand times – Health is wealth. And so, whenever any small ailment seems to come anywhere near us, we run to the doctor and complain. Following the doctor’s prescription to the T, we buy and take all the medications. A few days pass, then a few months and then a few years; then comes back the ailment that we so painstakingly got rid of. We run back home to search for the doctor’s prescription and our previous medical reports. We can turn the house upside down and find our childhood souvenirs also. But we can never find our much needed medical reports. We then wish we had filed all our reports for future use and still never do it. This is when Proacdoc comes into the picture.


Proacdoc is a service platform which maintains a person’s medical records and history. The various features of the app are the production of health trending charts, doctor visits, child vaccinations etc. Health trending charts are made by the people at proacdoc on the basis of all the reports uploaded by the customers. This was quite challenging as the correct and accurate information needs to be projected. The app also provides emergency alerts and notifications. The reports can be shared with our doctors. Any user can manage his/her family medical history too. Proacdoc is the best app for medical document management in the medical services field. The app has 180 users and is based in Delhi and is operational in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida. All that the user has to do is to register and login. He can also include members of his family. He can add the medical documents and bills. All this information is analyzed and charts are generated.


The team is a great amalgamation of technology and management. The  Founder is 33 year old Alok Sharma with 29 year old co founder Prateek Sharma. Dileep Kumar is an important part of the core team and is the interface programmer.

The proacdoc team has innovative plans for future expansion of the organization. They plan to come up with the hardware which is going to be installed at various hospitals for helping patients upload documents directly and easily.

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