EVENTS plans to chill at Startup Cricket League

Startup Cricket League is getting startups from all over India to play cricket, Perk plans to chill on the field

About brings together the interests of consumers, developers, publishers, and advertisers. It is a leading cloud-based mobile rewards platform provider. Headquartered in Austin, TX, the company was formed in December, 2009, and launched its mobile rewards program platform in 2013. Perk provides a rewards platform targeting the “New Consumer” primarily by rewarding people’s every day mobile and internet activities. Perk offers Perk Points, a digital reward, which can be redeemed for gift cards and cash. Perk Points can also be redeemed by loading on to Perk Plastik, a re-loadable branded debit card.

In addition to offering rewards to members through its own mobile applications and websites, Perk launched its Perk Rewards Platform, which allows mobile and desktop publishers to utilize rewards to engage and entice users through the publisher’s own applications and websites. Perk works with brands and publishers to reach consumers through truly engaging and innovative formats using rewards as a way to achieve maximum engagement of their brands and products.

The idea

If you Google search ‘Perk’, you can see a whole bunch of stuff about how they worked on a desktop web browser that rewarded you for using it. You’d actually search the web and earn points, shop the web and earn points and even fill out offers and earn points. And this is all built in a desktop web browser that they created for Mac and Windows using the Chromium platform. And then went on to actually make the traversal into mobile and did the same thing; built a mobile app and a mobile web browser now. Perk delivers new revenue streams and increases engagement using your rewards or by introducing Perk currency to your app. Perk helps to ensure that both the developer and their users earn more.

Their core team

And their playing team

  1. Prakash Tiwari
  2. Abhilash Chiganmi
  3. Harsh Vardhan Singh
  4. Prateek Sharma
  5. Nitin Joshi
  6. Vikas C Guntur
  7. Arun Kumar Sahoo
  8. Vinod Kumar C
  9. Manu Vijayan
  10. Muralidhar Reddy Gotluru
  11. Shivang Vyas
  12. Deepak G
  13. Adnan Nabi Safder

Only 8 will chill out of the 13 in the Startup Cricket League.

Financial Sources is a publicly-traded company officially trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under ticker “PER”.

About the Startup cricket league and their Strategy

The team says that they are here to engage in a fun activity and connect with like-minded, dynamic people from other start-ups. In their own words, “our strategy is actually quite simple,’ Out-wit the opposition!’”

Future plans

Acquiring more companies and continued partnership with app developers are critical components of Perk’s long-term strategic plan. They say that they are committed to providing a wide array of mobile products that deliver rewards to users in a seamless manner without interruption to their daily lives, while bringing advertisers a natural method of engaging with consumers.

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