OYO Rooms to Hire 5,000 People in Eight months

Gurgaon Based budget hotel room aggregator OYO Rooms, are in plans of hiring 5,000 new employees over the coming next Eight months. The startup is looking forward to adding a full-stack hotelier model to its asset-light marketplace model.

OYO will be hiring people for a department of sales, marketing, technology, and hospitality. Most of this hiring would be done via recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Earlier this week, the company entered into a seven-year multi-million dollar contract with leading RPO service provider PeopleStrong, which is valued at $2 Million per annum.

Confirming the deal, Shelley Singh, co-founder of PeopleStrong, said, “We have signed up with OYO Rooms but beyond that, we cannot divulge details”.

The startup intends to add 200 ‘townhouse hotels’ in different parts of the country. The said initiative was to include 60 hotels spread across seven cities by the end of this very year. Townhouses are a full stack hotelier model that requires large-scale hiring across functions and capabilities.

Dinesh R, the chief human resource officer at Oyo Rooms said, “We take pride in our pioneering technology-led approach and leadership in this industry, because of which we will focus on continuing to employ technology as a primary enabler. However, there are key skill sets, which are important, and we will bring more talent there.”

Whereas giant IT sectors are sacking their employees for anonymous reasons, Indian Startups have no intentions to halt elevating their workforces. After raising $200 Million of Series C funding from SoftBank in April 2016, OYO wants to diversify its business to sharpen the focus on assisting leisure travelers to find hotels even as it grows its bread and butter segment of aggregating accommodations in business centers across metropolises and towns in the country.

As stated in ET, OYO gets more than 70% of its business from these business centers, with the momentum remaining in the budget segment. OYO operates 7,000 hotels and 70,000 rooms in more than 200 Indian cities in the marketplace model. Read more about Indian Startup Ecosystem.

OYO Rooms to Hire 5,000 People in Eight months
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