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MintM, a startup which is a straight comparison to the Google ads has come up with a crowd pulling platform – Magnet, a cloud based, responsive, and analytical solution in the brick and mortar world. Given the disruption it has brought in the retail sector, it is no wonder that Magnet has been raising eyebrows and gaining well meaning interest. In the era of digital innovations, this cutting-edge solution for advertising is bridging the huge gap in the brick and mortar world which was earlier possible only online. MintM earns in a pay-per-engagement model from advertisers.

Sachin Garg, CEO of MintM and the brain behind Magnet says “This platform has been described as a peep into the future by prominent people in the industry. It gives me great pleasure to provide a solution to advertising that is not just displaying relevant content but also responding to the people who are in front of it, tracking their response and ultimately generating valuable statistics for the advertiser to compare and compile.”

Initial Step

The marketing and advertising startup that helps in engaging with the customers through its intelligent customer engagement platform was founded in 2012 by Sachin Garg, Ashutosh Chouksey and Vibhor Gupta.


The startup claims that Magnet provides an unparalleled level of engagement as compared to online channels with many of the customers getting around 20X engagement as compared to 1-2% by other platforms. In the words of Sundeep, an investor in MintM – “Traditional advertising suffers from a few handicaps – it’s consumed far from the point of purchase, it’s impossible to do in a highly targeted way and it’s hard to measure impact. MintM beautifully addresses all these shortcomings… and ushers in the digital age’s analytics driven, pay per view model into the old-fashioned retail world. We’re very excited about the possibilities this creates!”
Sachin Garg, CEO and Founder of MintM, says, “The fact that Magnet can analyze its audience, respond to them and allow the ability to be run remotely on a cloud has been greatly appreciated. There are other players in the digital signage play field but none have the capability to be contextual and generate instant, intelligent feedback tracking.  If I have to put it in simple words- Magnet is installed on a screen that is looking at you in real time, responding to you and gathering feedback, all at the same time, without intruding upon your privacy!”

The adoption of this technology can be seen in big branded outlets like Star Bazaar, Jawed Habib, Spar, HyperCITY, Aviva Insurance, Printo and many overseas entities including Target, the retailing giant. Several brands and advertisers like Harpic, Lizol, L’Oreal, Tata tea and Himalaya also use it to engage their customers.

The Journey So far

The company has the world’s first smart signage platform – Magnet which sees and responds to people. This cloud based platform is a simple app that brings the capabilities similar to online advertising to the physical world.

MintM has come a long way and has bagged a lot of awards and recognitions through its journey. MintM was also recognized by TIE50 and NASSCOM among “50 Most Promising Global startups of 2015”

MintM at Startup Cricket League

The team at MintM believes that Start-up’s do need a break to enjoy the sport.

Funding and Future Plans

MintM has recently raised its pre-Series A funding to grow its smart signage platform Magnet internationally. This funding was co-led by Mumbai Angels and Times Internet with participation from a clutch of angel investors, for its cloud based smart signage solution following its step out from TLabs, the leading startup accelerator.

With the newly raised capital, the startup plans to grow its signage platform Magnet across the world. It plans to make the product more intelligent and expand its fast-growing international markets where Magnet is witnessing significant traction.

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