Megamorph – Environment Friendly Cleaning

Megamorph is India’s first & only certified Green Company by GC Mark,   Germany & DQS in the space of manufacturing domestic & industrial cleaning liquid. Inspired by a vision to “Innovate to Protect” the environment in which people live & work with unique solutions, Niyati Purohit, CEO Megamorph and Ashwin Suresh, Managing Director Megamorph, kick-started the company in 2008.

In their earlier business (consulting & event management) they mentored many different businesses and opportunities. Then there came a point where both of them wanted to do more than consult, and were keen on creating and putting together a brand. After a lot of assessment of skills, strengths, network & market scope they zoned onto this segment and instigated this company in Bangalore, India.

According to their R&D and survey, market today is dominated by products of international origin which are expensive or by crude liquids made at small garages. They identified this huge gap that needed to be filled with a product that provided high quality solutions, exceptional service and great packaging at affordable prices. With this aim in their brainbox, Niyati and Ashwin have launched three brands in the market under Megamorph – CareClean Domestic Cleaning solutions, CareClean industrial cleaning solutions and Amora. Each product has been put together with the aim of making the world a safer, cleaner and better place. Their manufacturing units are state of the art, well equipped and environment friendly. They cater to a wide range of customers with these brands.

Megamorph came into existence for one more significant cognition. Both Niyati and Ashwin had always wanted start a business that would solve a pressing need of the country. Hygiene was one aspect that they felt very strongly about. As a country with over a billion people jostling for space, the need for good hygiene is even more important than ever before.  The product range that they have come up with in both the consumer and industrial space specifically looks at giving you a clean space without harming the human using it or causing any harm to the environment during its creation.

Every brand of Megamorph stands for the value of our company. It not only believes in changing the world, but is committed to it. Its brands help you easily identify how one can help make their space a safer, cleaner and better place. Megamorph has the capability & capacity to manufacture a whole range of chemicals for industrial, domestic & specialized application. Besides manufacturing their own range of products, they also offer services of contract manufacturing for your products. Their highly experienced team can either help formulate an entire range of products or adopt your formulations and produce them in high quality and confidentiality standards. So far, the traction has been impressive. The consumer range-  CareClean, is available in over 1000 outlets across Southern and Eastern part of the country. It is also available on Bigbasket. The industrial range is also moving quickly and is currently available in over 50 dealer locations across India. So much so that they are looking at opening up one more plat in Central India to service the Western and Northern parts of the country. Their current R&D and manufacturing plant is located at Bommasandra industrial area with a capacity of 32 lakh liters annually.

The Founders :

Niyati Purohit : completed her BE degree in Engineering (Computer Science) from SD Bansal College of Engineering from Indore and joined Megamorph in December 2013. Her extensive market knowledge added with her in-depth research and proactive approach drives the marketing and strategic collaborations at the company. Additionally she comes from a family that has been in this segment for a lifetime. Most of her best processes and business acumen come from having learnt these lessons in quality control, resource management and logistics as she grew up.

Ashwin Suresh : He is also Niyati’s partner in life, always was and still is a high energy professional. He brings his 200% to the table. During his professional career spanning over a decade, he has worked through various roles and industries that enhanced his knowledge of the human relations. End of the day, apart from a great product you need a good team to back it up with to ensure success. His exceptional skills in managing people and balancing the various relationships in vendors, clients and team plays a crucial role in the success of our company.

Their Mission:

To make the world a ‘Safer, Cleaner and Better’ place. Their Mission is to be valued by the customers, employees and shareholders for providing highly innovative products and services backed by deeply instilled principles, values and ethics. Megamorph plans to expand operations across India with a keen focus on smaller cities and also plans on exporting cleaning solutions to countries requiring sanitation and hygiene solutions. Their industrial and domestic cleaning supplies and solutions are especially formulated for the Indian market conditions and economics. Currently they are in south and want to expand to north and other parts of the country.

In Niyati’s words, “We are India’s first & only certified Green Company by GC Mark, Germany & DQS in the space of manufacturing domestic & industrial cleaning liquids. Moving from the consulting to the marketing space was a natural progression for this team of professional experts. The company prides itself on being able to offer affordable and effective solutions in home care that have minimal impact on the environment during its manufacturing process. The GREEN COMPANY certification is awarded to them by DQS India on behalf of GC Mark Germany. It is an internationally symbol of excellence which is global recognized. A green company is a company that succeeds in minimizing its negative impact upon the environment.”

We at IndianCEO wish you all the very best for all your future endeavors!!

Megamorph – Environment Friendly Cleaning
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