Leanspoon a food startup that helps you eat healthy

Leanspoon, a startup is all about, having a spoonful of some yummy food without any worries about gaining weight. Started by Saneesha & Gopi Lingala, the husband and wife duo is here to make everyone eat healthy without any guilt.

Leanspoon gives professional and personalised nutrition advice that is rooted in science. The Healthier food with balanced nutrition and prepared in a hygienic environment at their kitchen will reach people according to their subscription model. Interestingly the company has created IP for each of the nutrition based recipes they create for every meal that has never been done before.

The duo believed thatthere is more to a healthy lifestyle than one size fit all diets. For that matter, the team of nutrition from Leanspoon will sit with the subscriber to understand their body needs and plan their meals to fit their daily nutrition needs without forgoing the taste buds needs.

The idea behind “LeanSpoon” is – not about just eating right; it also means imbibe well-balanced nutrition rich food that keep you lean, fit and eat food that you love that incorporate the right amount of nourishment.

The founders also found need arising for nutrition advice and food in Hospitals for in-patients, including those who have under-gone surgery recently.

For Gopi , Saneesha and their team the goal at LeanSpoon is to help people achieve their health goals, through personalized Nutrition. Personalized Nutrition integrates nutrition and lifestyle advice with portion controlled tasty food – all connected to each user’s medical background, dietary patterns and health goals.

Our vision is to position Leanspoon as one of its kind nutritional guidance company which is more practical, easily applicable and goal oriented, where the meals  we serve are not only well balanced but also a culinary delight. The meals are further portion controlled based on the individuals dietary requirements, considering their medical background, dietary patterns and health goals.

About the Founders:

Saneesha Lingala, the co-founder & COO , is an Engineer and an artist, with impeccable attention to detail and a traditional approach to food. She manages the daily activities at LeanSpoon, with the kind of attention that a painting requires.  Not surprising because she is an accomplished painter.

With a Master degree in Computer Science from USA and as an experienced artist across multiple media she used her experience and knowledge across different fields, she has built LeanSpoon on an open vision from her international experience and Indian roots.

Gopikrishna Lingala  – brings his 13 years of BPO and SCM experience to build LeanSpoon services around People, Process and Technology for customer centricity and scale capability.He always insists that there is a chance to imagine, try and create something new. To challenge every presupposition and to believe that there is no predefined way to do anything is his method to make LeanSpoon flow.

Making full use of his self-proclaimed ‘repository of pointless knowledge’, he shares his ideas with a passion and patience.

As a well-travelled Global citizen with an Indian soul, Gopi is determined to use all his experience in business processes, logistics and exposure to multiple cultures to provide access to nutrition advice and healthy food in India.

Leanspoon a food startup that helps you eat healthy
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