Internshala- Portal for Interns , By Interns and Of Interns

Internshala is an online internship and training platform which helps students find meaningful internships. A student can start his/her career at Internshala as Interns where even the entrepreneurs can build a team. It first began as a WordPress blog in 2010 turned into a full-fledged website and is now world’s largest internship platform in terms of users and traffic.

Challenges faced

Initially the biggest challenge was to set a team, especially on the technology front. The second, was to create a revenue model. The team comprised of interns and students so the cost of hiring was reduced that gave a better understanding about  the internship market at the start.

That AHA Moment of Internshala

Sarvesh Agrawal graduated from IITM in 2006 and started his career at London as a Business Analyst and continued for 5 years. In 2010, the Sarvesh started a wordpress blog as a hobby to write on education and skill gap which India was facing. And the Eureka moment was when, … started searching for internships for his friend realizing that there was no platform that had all the internship offers posted at one place. He then started aggregating internships on the blog.

Sarvesh Agarwal

The Interns turned Team

Most of the team members started as interns.

  • Shadab Alam, Head – Corporate Relations, joined Internshala as an intern and had used the platform to find internships while in college at NIT Jamshedpur.
  • Vikram Shah , Head – Technology , is an IITM alumnus and joined Internshala in 2013 and led their Career Services vertical eventually moving to the tech team and heading the channel.
  • Shekhar Halder, Head – Students Relations
  • Deepak Gaikwad, Head – Virtual Training Center is an IITian and has joined Internshala with an intention to make an impact in the lives of people.

     forms the core team of Internshala.

Growth and Revenue Model

They monetize via ads on the platform and by offering online training (Internshala VTC) to interested students. Virtual Training Center or VTC has been launched to train students on the latest technology at a nominal fee as well as it became a channel for revenue. This internship platform is completely free of cost for students and companies. Internshala turned into a fully fledged website in 2013 and has grown from 6000 registered students in 2012 to over 1 Million in 2016.

A Bootstrapped Startup and is on the revenue front

On Internshala, all internships excluding NGO related comes with a stipend. The team strongly believes that a meaningful, paid internship can give a student’s career, a much-needed boost. The trust which students have on Internshala is immense and that has reflected their growth as well.

Internship offers in just few clicks away

Interested students and  graduates can apply for an internship of their choice from 30,000+ internship opportunities in a couple of minutes on the basis of filtration. The information related to the company and internships like the stipend, duration, application deadline and details are all mentioned on the platform. Internshala also provides an online resume maker to create a resume for students.  When companies shortlist a student, they would be informed through an email or an SMS.

In December 2015, Internshala launched an Android app. Being a very user-friendly platform for the employers, enables to create an account and post their intern requirements in minutes. Internshala team reviews the listing posted by the employer and once approved, the internship is open to the students. Once the students start applying, they can easily process the applications and communicate with the student right from their dashboard.

To be Globalised in the coming days

Recently, Internshala has become the world’s largest internship platform for the young world.

Internshala has a unique work culture that is been followed. This not only helps them grow as an organisation but also helps students make an impact not only in our country, but also go global to prove that an Indian startup can also set its mark on the international stage. Read more about Indian Startups.

Internshala- Portal for Interns , By Interns and Of Interns
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