Helper4u connects helpers with employers

Urbanization has led to the increase in the working class in cities who are mostly rural migrants. Working population of semi-skilled and unskilled helpers looking for jobs as housemaids, cooks, caretakers, babysitters, housekeeping staff etc face multiple challenges.

Middleman exploitation, networking problems which lead to lower employment opportunities and a lot of fruitless roaming are a few to name in the long list of these labour woes. These are often increased by 2 fold when we talk about the women in such fields when security is the thing taken for granted and/or often overlooked.

At the other end, the need for Domestic Helpers is rising continuously. But, people are also dependent either on their network or agencies for reaching out to these domestic helpers.

This is where Helper4u comes to play. It connects workers with employers in a safe and secure way. Job Seekers register with them using their own phones. They get interviewed, verified of their phone number and Aadhar card details, and then make their profiles live on This will help them get out there in the digital domain and get safer households and workplaces with better pay. Employers (Residential Owners & Business Owners) looking to hire unskilled workers visit the site, search for suitable helpers, get their contact details and connect with the helpers directly, to interview and hire them.

Meenakshi Gupta Jain, Founder CEO and Punit Jain, Co-Founder Board Member are at the help of this wonder. Helper4u is the winner of award of USD 250,000 last October which helps fund them further.

Helper4u is helping the Job Seekers at the bottom of the pyramid get information about jobs digitally through SMS and/or simple phone calls, without any exploitation: financial or otherwise. Migrant women have actually started getting jobs through even before moving. Employers can hire verified helpers as soon as the need arises, as the platform offers options, direct connect and thus acts as a faster-hiring process.

The revenue model is simple and one way. Employers pay to get contacts and details about the helpers they want to hire. The service is one side free for the helpers registering themselves which comes as a huge relief as most of these cannot afford for anything as such with a fee.

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Helper4u connects helpers with employers

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