Healthsocho – Encapsulating the field of alternate medicine


Healthsocho is tapping the untouched field of alternate medicine

Down with some serious health problems, we look out for the best doctors and treatments available, asking everybody and looking on the net. In the process of our extensive research on the subject of finding a solution to all our medical troubles, we come across alternate medicine. Be it our neighbor aunty suggesting us to go to the nearby homeopathy clinic, or our family friend nudging us to go to the only center in the city and 40 kilometers away ayurvedic clinic. Alternate medical solutions find a way to get into our list of clinics to visit. After this starts the search for a good doctor or clinic or product in the alternate medicine field. The information available on the presence and availability, location and treatments is very limited. There is no other way except depending on one or two people who were previous customers. If we get the answers to our questions from a reliable discovery and recommendation organization, things become easier and this is exactly what HealthSocho does.

Bridging the gap

HealthSocho provides products and services in the fields of ayurvedic, homeopathy, unani and physiotherapy. It is a platform which is bridging the gap between widely available yet unknown alternate medicine and the customers with the help of technology. It provides information regarding professionals and products. The website provides greatly useful articles on various methods of treatments and medicines. HealthSocho offers a wide range of ayurvedic and unani medicines, bringing them closer to the people. It acts as a database which holds and unravels the traditional yet unconventional treatment methodologies.

Minds behind Healthsocho

Saurabh Satija (Chief Executive Officer), Anshul Sikri (Chief Business Officer) and Nikunj Tyagi (Chief Technology Officer and Chief Operation Officer) are the founders of this healthcare platform. With a lot of experience in their hands, Saurabh and Anshul wanted to come up with a tech solution for alternate medicine and found another like-minded co-founder working for the same field. They got together to form HealthSocho. Each playing a role, supporting the other, having an understanding of consumer needs, medical field and programming and operations, they have come a long way.

Saurabh Satija, CEO Anshul Sikri, CBO Nikunj Tyagi, CTO

The growth of the organization is evident in the fact that it has repeat purchases and the positive customer response. Having industrialists like R C Juneja (Chairman & CEO of Mankind Pharma) and B R Sikri (Chairman of ABS Mercantile) as advisors and mentors, HealthSocho is planning to expand its services in the near future.

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