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Obino health coach will ask you to send food images and workout proofs

With the boundaries between countries being washed away by the temptation of our palate to tasty cuisines, our food eating habits are going completely unchecked. Even if our dietary habits are well-balanced, we are affected by overweight issues due to the lack of physical exercise. A proper combination of diet and exercises helps keep our bodies healthier. But then, being experts in coming up with the most plausible excuses, we blame our laziness on the lack of time or distance to travel to meet experts or the high expenses of gym and the list just goes on. Even if somebody decides to get healthy, they find it difficult to assess the right foods and fitness routines that are perfect for their bodies. This is where Obino steps in with the unique concept of personalized mobile weight loss and health coach 24×7.

The minds behind Obino

Ritu Srivastava, Founder

General statements and wide ranging suggestions such as “Keep exercising and eat healthy” don’t give any idea as to what exactly needs to be done. The “trade secrets” kept by the dieticians doesn’t help in understanding our own body any better. Ritu Srivastava, ex-brand marketing head at Bharti Airtel and founder of Obino felt that people need to know not just what to do but why to do it. She herself struggled with after pregnancy weight loss problems which led her to research and bring forward a better resource to people, which delivers a better plan to have a healthy life. She started Obino with co-founders Vishal Soni and Yogesh Sachdeva in August 2014. Obino today has a workforce of 30 members, with a team of experienced dieticians and nutritionists.

Learn, practice, understand, change and it’s time to drink a glass of water

“Learn, Practice, understand, change” as the steps to achieving a healthier lifestyle, Obino provides an economically viable health and diet coach. In the beginning stages of establishment, the app was simply a do-it-yourself platform. But more effective results were observed with one-to-one patient-coach situation. Presently, both services are provided to the customers. We, as Indians, are faced with many questions as to what is a good diet in accordance with the Indian dishes we eat every day. Many of us have specific health problem which may affect our choices of diet and the kind of exercises our body can withstand. Obino has the solution for all these problems. It presents diets according to our favorite dishes and personal health based fitness plans given by dieticians who study our health profile thoroughly and who are always just a call or message away from us. Many additional online tools which remind us to drink enough amounts of water or take medicines on time add up as attractive attributes of the app.

Way to go

With 70% unpaid do-it-yourself male users and 70% paid personalized coaching female users, there is no doubt the app is catering to both genders’ necessities. Obino has had 2 seed based funding rounds; the recent one from US based Round Glass Partners. With the application achieving great customer reviews, Ritu plans to extend the services to weight maintenance and fitness for those fitness freaks who have reached their ideal weight and want to stay fit and become more toned and athletic.

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