Health Assure was formed five years back, as a first of its kind start-up to address the issue of inefficiency in terms of access to primary care services like dental, pediatrics, diagnostic and other areas of treatment.

 The mission behind the idea was to be an aggregator for primary care services for corporates and individuals. The team feels that they understand the current healthcare environment well, and can bridge the existing gaps with their network based approach, backed by a strong technology infrastructure and centralized customer service operations.


The biggest challenge for any start-up, of course, is to keep innovating, no matter what the funding is like, and establish trust with the potential clients to give them business. The biggest challenge for the start-up was to evolve in order to create and maintain their uniqueness in the industry, while also keeping themselves updated on the latest technology and business practices.

Idea Behind Health Assure

The main aim of the start-up is and has always been to provide a solution for bridging the present gaps in primary care services in India, by making them affordable, accessible and integrated for every individual.

 “There was no ONE moment, but it was an ongoing process that began to take shape, and a passion to improve the scope of healthcare as it stands today in India” – says Varun Gera, CEO of Health Assure.

 No other provider has narrowed down their business to the primary care sector, and Health Assure has led to the creation of a separate category in the industry. Ever since the starting, the start-up have been focused on creating the best medical network across 850 cities, with over 2500 primary care centers as part of this network. Team strives to keep evolving their sophisticated technological platform with web and mobile applications for their customers to provide intuitive services based on their requirements and also get access to the best network for a medical facility closest to them.

The Core Team

Team consists of Varun Gera – CEO, Director and CIO, Ninad Raje, VP Client Relationships, Satish Prabhu, VP Operations Shweta Agnihotri, VP Products Japjit Sawhney, VP Partnerships Delly D’souza and VP Underwriting Kartikesh Paliwal.

Varun Gera, CEO

VARUN GERA – At 46 years of age, he has over 21 years of prior leadership experience in Start-up environments, Sales, Product and Consulting. Prior to becoming Entrepreneur, he was the Chief Executive Officer, United Healthcare, India, a Fortune 21 Company, where he facilitated high growth of the domestic business by four fold to reach 1.5 Million Customers while maintaining Company’s Leadership position through continued Innovation, Product Development and also successfully launched a Wellness Vertical, with Care Management Programs for Retail and Corporate Wellness Programs for some of the top MNCs in the country. Prior to United Healthcare he has also worked with GE Money and ICICI Bank, where he led and established Consumer Finance Business Verticals. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame, U.S.A, and a Bachelors’ Degree in Economics from Delhi University.

Revenue, traction and growth

The start-up reports that they have doubled each year over the last 5 years and currently are at approx. 20 crore, servicing 15-20K customers per month. Start-up services most insurers like Cigna, Apollo Munich, Max Life, Max Bupa, MetLife, Reliagre Health, etc. and many corporates like Deutsche Bank, Deloitte, Loreal, Fedex, Tata Motors, etc.

USP and Revenue Model

The start-up is focused on building quality medical network in 850 cities which is an extremely tedious task. Their strategy as a Technology focused company has allowed them to be the only company with an integrated IT platform connecting 2500 primary care centres managed through centralized operations providing standardized delivery with higher quality. The team is now in process of launching the first of its kind Employee Health Benefit Products focused on Primary care access for Corporates from SMEs to largest MNCs.

Modus Operandi

Start-up basically provides services to two customer segments – Corporates and Insurance Companies. For both these segments it provides access and discount to their wide and deep network across 850 cities for their customers or employees.

For Corporates who wish to cover their employees for Primary care through the year, it creates Employee Health Benefit Programs for them, customized for their specific needs and budgets. This program is App based for both HR and Employees and employees can discover and book for their primary care need like GP consultation, Paediatric, Blood Test, Vaccination, etc.

For Insurers it similarly provides access to the customers to their primary care network through the Technology platform or call centre based in Mumbai.

Future plans

Team’s future plan is to build their network and create more and more products for the customers that include Corporates, Individuals, insurers, etc. Also, start-up would like to further leverage the potential of technology to bring healthcare closer to their customers. Read Startup Stories.

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