H2H Repairs

H2H Repairs to put all handymen on a digital platform

H2H Repairs is team’s commitment to bring professionalism, good service and trust to the home repair service and maintenance business. Team takes immense pride in sending some of the most professional handymen to your homes to fix things that are not working. The company is based out of Jaipur.

H2H Repairs is ultimately the goal of the company to offer a one-stop facility for all home services. In this way the company can offer greater perceived value for the customer than many other shops which specialize in certain areas.

Idea behind the project

There were approximately 1,177,096 households in the Jaipur area in 2011. Each year, Population of Jaipur city increases by 3% of overall total. In 2016, Population of Jaipur is estimated to be 3,548,512. The city is hub for trade, commerce and tourism in Rajasthan. Due to urbanization, Jaipur is witnessing a descent growth in its population. The city population was estimated to be 3,441,816 in 2015. Virtually all of these households have Printers, Computers, Cars, TVs, VCRs, etc. Repair Shop India segments its market into product categories that reflect the estimated number of each electronic device currently being used in the Jaipur area, since each of these devices may fail at any time and require H2H services. In addition the growth rate of each product emplaced in the home is based on the current sales growth of each product. The company will be focusing on servicing all of these systems, and not focusing on one over the other.

The core team

The team members include:

  1. Alok Dixit, CEO
  1. Emmanual Kwaku Asiedu, COO
  1. Bhuwan Chand Joshi, MD

They always wanted to start something of their own in home services domain. All the team members are service professionals, and are background checked and verified to ensure your complete safety.

Revenue traction and growth

Currently, H2H Repairs handles approximately 50 booking every day with its 60 employees which include service professionals, designers and developers.

 Modus Operandi

You can follow some steps to book service:

  1. Book: Share your need and information with H2H.
  1. Schedule: Schedule a time for service provider to attend to you.
  1. Relax: The expert team will do the assigned task.

Future plans

H2H Repairs is likely to expand its service across India and abroad. This bootstrapped start-up is likely to add more functionality related to selling and buying electronic parts, homemade etc. Read more on Indian Startups.

H2H Repairs to put all handymen on a digital platform
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