Increasing lack of physical education in schools, unhealthy lifestyles spiced up with a polluted environment along with a diet filled with junk food, health is in a very vulnerable and depreciated state. The jobs preferred by a number of people are those which are predominantly non-physical. All this adds up to bad lifestyle choices where we realize we need something that will keep us physically fit. We do see a lot of fitness forms like gyming, yoga, aerobics and a number of new activities keep popping up every once in a while. Along with this, the growth of fitness centers and gyms has also been an upward graph which is pretty steep. Being somebody with zero fitness knowledge, it becomes a tiring task to choose and decide which fitness activity and center is correct for us. To help us choose, gympik has been started. Read Indian Startup News.


Not so much a fitness freak, Amaresh Ojha, the founder and CEO of Gympik, wanted to get fit. The doubt of which gym and what activity lingered on his mind for a long time because of which he went to many fitness centers and researched after which he decided to join a particular gym. The trouble he took and the lengthy process he went through for finding the right gym for himself, gave him an idea of starting a website that gives out information of the fitness world making it easier to search and decide. Karan Malik, Cofounder and COO, was also having a similar idea and both of them got together to start the organization in August the early stages of its inception, they provided information solely for gyms. Over time, they included all kinds of fitness activities. The other core team members are Vidhvan Garipally, CTO and Prasanthi B, AVP-Marketing.


Amaresh Ojha, Founder


Convincing gym owners to register themselves on the website was quite a challenge. Once the advantages of being suggested to browsers looking online for fitness options became obvious, the number of registrations grew. A team of people from gympik visit all the fitness centers, gather information and take pictures which they post on their website. The workforce of the organization is currently 40 members other than trainers. Gympik helps pick out personal trainers too. They cover all areas of fitness – gym, zumba, yoga, martial arts, dance and aerobics. To help with dietary habits, they suggest nutritionists. Also, to help deal with stiff muscles and pains, they give out a list physiotherapists near you.


With about 12000 centers and 9000 trainers registered on, it is nothing short of a directory of the fitness world. It includes the cities of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur and many smaller places too. They aim to become the ultimate stop for all information on fitness in India. Read more about Indian Startups.

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