Greenline Labs mission is to Scramble Ambulance in Traffic

Greenline Labs

Greenline Labs is in news for its approach towards solving Daily life woes. Actually, Greenline Labs is an IoT (Internet of Things) based R&D Company. This startup aims at providing solutions to the common day to day problems, with effective solutions that can mitigate the cause. Greenline Labs is Setup with a team of fresh blood who are in their early twenties, aiming to bring the most out of the little available sources.

The idea behind the innovation

In day to day life, it is very common to see that, in India if not elsewhere in the world, Ambulances getting struck in the Traffic.  There is no strategical policing by the traffic police or by any other means to scramble the ambulance out safely. Ambulance needs to rush the patients immediately to the hospital, the time from the accident or disaster to the time the patient reaches the hospital is termed as crucial minutes, and these crucial minutes as they diminish would take away the valuable health or even life of the patient. During traffic jams idle time by ambulances ranges from 8min to 32min, which might completely take away the crucial time, denying the patient an available option to fight for the life. This made Greenline Labs come up with an IoT device that tries to counter this problem.

How does the device Greenline Labs make works

 Greenline Labs have come up with an IoT device, which is called as Emergency Response Automation, one of this would be placed in the ambulance and the other would be placed in the traffic signal. The moment ambulance approaches the signal, with the least span of distance between the ambulance and traffic signal being 600 to 700 meters, immediately the device placed in the traffic signal turns the Greenline light on, which clears both the traffic and as well as creates a way to the Ambulance.

About the Team and the product?

The Founder of Greenline Labs is Mr. Sri Vishnu Ayyagari, a 21 years old guy, who has done his bachelors in business Management.  As he is not from a technology background, he brought into the team Sree Charan. K, a Techie who has done his bachelors of technology in industrial Engineering who takes care of the technology, as the co-founder of the Greenline Labs. The management and sales of Greenline Labs are taken care off by Mr. Vishnu. The startup is just 9 months old. As the product is its testing phase they have decided to tie-up with a local Hospital, who have agreed upon to check the device functionality. The results from the functioning would be analyzed and no later than October the product would be launched into the market. They have chosen Vizag as a test market and once they get successful results, Greenline Labs is planning to extend it to all the metros.

Challenges ahead for the product

With the recent rains in the city, it is evident that traffic signals wouldn’t glow with power issues. Greenline Labs team is designing a prototype wherein the person who informs the tragic incident, would alert the traffic and ambulance at the same time so that traffic sergeant can scramble the ambulance to the hospital even in the case of Power failure.


The startup is it in budding phase along with its Founders. Greenline Labs is looking up to tie-ups with bigger players in the field so that it can amass enough capital to both establish the startup and to fund the research on the product to further build an exquisite one. More Startup Stories

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