Grabshack – search engine to grab best online deals!


A dedicated search engine that will help in grabbing the best deals that are floating in the world wide web

All about GrabShack

GrabShack a search engine which helps users in finding and comparing the best prices on deals. It came up with an idea to solve the problem every consumer faces when ordering online. The problem of “How do I find the best price on a product or a deal? I surely can’t go through every e-commerce website out there.”

GrabShack searches across 100s of Indian e-commerce websites. GrabShack is an attempt to simplify the search for deals, offers and coupons and change the way India looks for offers. Under the hood, GrabShack constantly keeps an eye on hundreds of websites and uses AI to understand the semantics of the website along with the relations a product has with its pricing, discounts, etc. It was designed with an algorithm coupled with performance tuning the queries. because of the sheer amount of data it was difficult on Grabsack to find a hosting provider. The background code was developed after consultations with Amazon AWS and days of intense refining of the code required.

GrabShack is expected to be be launched on 29th July, so one can get to it once it launches. It has been beta-tested on Reddit India though and it made to top 25 hottest news few days back , so yeah its a pretty good news to its launchers but they have to wait and see how the launch goes to answer their joy honestly.

Grabshack doesnot have any direct competitors but some coupon  or cashback websites could be their  indirect competitors. Unlike many coupons and cashback website that claim to do a price comparison but instead rely on feeds and manual process, grabshack had  gone ahead and  made their own semantics engine.

This means that GrabShack looks into the e-commerce website and instantly understands what’s happening vis-a-vis Siri on Iphone,  which means it can pull out details even when they are absent. For instance, even the most vague searches (like ISBN of any book) would give users accurate (and best) results since GrabShack constantly tries to understand the website and the behavior of its users.

How it started

It all started When two childhood friends and serial entrepreneurs came across this problem, they figured out that the Indian market can hugely benefit from a search engine focusing on finding products prices from every e-commerce website. And thus the idea of GrabShack was born.

It took Harsh Rajat and Robin Srivastava almost a year to develop GrabShack in a way which made finding the offers on products across Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, PayTM and hundreds other as easy as one search.

“We have built the complete website, search logic, UX/UI just by ourselves. It took us a year to do it!” said the co-founder when asked about GrabShack

Harsh Rajat, CEO Robin Srivastava, COO

Both co-founder, Harsh Rajat and Robin Srivastava have been childhood friends and have worked on startups since 2011. So Harsh and Robin aren’t new to startups and this aspect was relatively easy part for them, their first startup Digital Poke, made headlines globally when they created 360 Web Browser, one of the first and powerful iOS browsers way back in 2012. They then jumped into marketing and promotion of apps via their next company – 3 Magic Shots in 2013, a company which alone was responsible for making several apps and games climb to top 10 of the US Appstore.

Future Plans

The app launchers  plan to take GrabShack to US, Brazil, Thailand and any country which has multiple e-commerce stores. They have architected their website to make sure that it can handle rapid expansion which is what they plan to do once they launch it over here.


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