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Faveo Helpdesk playing at Startup Cricket League

The Start-up cricket league is making all the news! Designed to bring all the enthusiastic Indian Start-ups under a tent, it has been going great guns in its promotion and support. Among all the players in the league, Faveo Helpdesk from the Garden City of India is looking forward to have a good fight in the league.

About Faveo Helpdesk

Headquartered in Bangalore, Faveo Helpdesk provides Businesses with an automated Helpdesk system to manage customer support. It is founded in October 2015 by Bhanu Prathap Singh Slathia, who was already running a Web Designing Company (Ladybird Web Solution) in Bangalore. He observed his clients couldn’t able to manage business on their own and couldn’t respond to customer queries and hence losing their grip in the market.

Then he came up with FAVEO, a Latin word which means ‘favor’, is literally favouring his clients business. It is basically designed to serve the needs of start-ups and SME’s accrediting them with the unique, ticket based support system. It is a major challenge to retain customers in today’s start-up world and Faveo serves it up. Dealing customer queries time-to-time and well knowledgably is going to make a complete turnaround for the company. It imbibes the trust in the customer which enables the growth when the customer rehash a reference.

The current team includes Laravel and UI developers, Business Development executives and Quality Analysts.

Challenges & Overcoming

The challenge was to work with bear minimum resources where they had to split the team into two – Service team and Faveo development team. Wherein, Service team went on to work on project that got paid right away and the latter built the Faveo.

Their Go and Strategy at Startup Cricket League

Cricket is something which runs in every Indian blood and everyone is crazy about it. But Bhanu’s question was, ‘When and where it is going to happen’. He feels, ‘We are lucky that it is happening in our city. Main reason to play in this event is to come out from our day to day life and have fun and meet with different genre people out there.

Strategy will be same as it is for our product – Our team will give its best in every aspect.


Bhanu is all excited towards tomorrow, as his aspiration is to see Faveo Helpdesk as the world’s most favored open source helpdesk application. He adds that, they are bootstrapped company and are looking for investors who are keenly interested in our product. They also want to add several features into Faveo including Chat, automatic chat bots, SaaS Cloud version, Multiple channel support, phone line integration, Task Management etc. and to deliver all those at a minimal revenue and to be customer-centric.

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To know about Faveo Helpdesk visit http://www.faveohelpdesk.com/

Faveo Helpdesk playing at Startup Cricket League
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