ENPAWA: Empowering Dentistry and Nursing Aspirants


Training technology for dentistry and nursing aspirants

An educational start-up in the field of Healthcare, providing aspiring students with courses for training and development in the area of Dental Nursing through in-house and UK certification programs. ENPAWA aims to transform people’s lives by inspiring and enabling them with the required skills in the area of Dentistry/Dental science.

India does not have a skilled set of auxiliary dental workforce especially a Dental Nurse, who is an important member of the Dental team. This team facilitates the dentist in a vital way and despite the consistently increasing numbers of Dentists and General Nurses passing out every year in India, there is a lack of professionally trained and qualified Dental nurses to assist them. On the other hand, there is an increasing and high demand for trained dental auxiliary workforce in Europe and the Middle East. These places are most preferred destination to work for Indian Nurses, who either work or want to work in the Dental Sector but are not qualified Dental Nurses. Indian Nurses are thus losing out the opportunity to work as Dental Nurses to those from other countries like the Philippines.

Dr. Thomas & Dr. Mufassil

Dr. Thomas                       Dr. Mufassil

It all started in the year 2009-10 with a casual discussion between both the founders; Dr. Sanju Thomas Abraham,&; Dr. Mufassil Dingankar,), in the common room of the University’s Hall of Residence (London, UK), during which we realised the lack of a formal education route for an auxiliary workforce within dentistry in India. This gave birth to the idea to formulate and develop a work stream for the Indian Dental care industry to elevate the standard of dentistry in India.

Starting a Dental Nursing program in India to standardize and increase the level of professional experience for both the Dentists and the patients also taking cognizance of the demand. ENPAWA plans to provide assistance for job placements of the trained dental workforce across the Middle East and Europe. ENPAWA’s Dental Nursing course is basically an opportunity for existing Nurses to get an additional International Certification in Dental Nursing, which would enable them to practice as Dental Nurses in India and Abroad.

The project will begin its operation in 2 phases. In Phase 1, the first Centre will be set up in Mumbai, which will also be the headquarters for ENPAWA. The second center has been planned for Phase 2 in Year 4 will be set-up at Coimbatore due to the ready infrastructure, huge demand, pilot project been done there and proximity to South India.

So far the venture has been funded through bootstrapping and is now inviting investments/funding of the project through Equity Capital, where the investors in return of their investment will become the owners of the Company thereby receiving incentives in the form of right/bonus shares, dividends etc.

With the need for perfection seemingly ever-growing, a growth of start-ups in fields as such is a healthy gift to the employability factor of the country.

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