eMediNexus – Platform that educates doctors on latest developments

eMediNexus is a doctors networking platform available on the web, android and IOS stores with a key focus on healthcare advocacy and on updating the knowledge of the doctors. At the rapid pace of how medicine is evolving, it is imperative for doctors to be updated with the latest news, technologies, procedures, drugs and information. The enormous doctor to population shortfall in India means that doctors in India see on average 10 times the number of patients in comparison to their Western counterparts thereby giving them very less time to undertake the traditional methods of updating their knowledge such as reading text books, attending conferences etc.

eMediNexus fills this void by summarizing and bringing to the doctor the latest 24 hours in medicine. It provides a platform for the doctor to ask for second opinions, to refer patients, to share interesting cases and to chat privately and publicly with other colleagues. It brings the doctor updates from a majority of the national medical conferences, which he/she might not have been able to attend in order to keep him/her updated. eMediNexus has a medico-legal advisory service where doctors can ask questions which are answered by top medico-legal experts. Lastly, it also helps to connect doctors to their work peers and alumni.

eMediNexus has over 70,000 registered doctors and reaches 2 lakh doctors on a daily basis through their enewspaper eMediNews.

The core team of eMediNexus

The initial employees were all hired by the co founders through references. Both Nilesh and Amit were very passionate about the project and were able to get the initial employees.

Nilesh Aggarwal

Nilesh,29 completed his undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance from Singapore Management University and gave up the INSEAD MBA, which is now ranked as the number 1 MBA in the world, in order to start eMediNexus. Nilesh brings huge healthcare experience to this venture. He is a seasoned healthcare professional who has been running the IJCP Group for the past 6 years which is a leading medical communications player in India and has been in the market since 1991. Its products and services include medical journals, live and online CME’s (continuing medical education), healthcare PR, digital healthcare marketing, and healthcare media. Nilesh brings a vast knowledge of the healthcare industry onto the table along with a wide nexus of healthcare professionals who continuously collaborate with eMedinexus.


Mr. Nilesh Aggarwal

Amit Sharma

Amit, 32, is a graduate in Economics and Policy from the University of Chicago and Carnegie Mellon University, respectively. He was thereafter an Analyst at Warburg Pincus LLC in New York, the operations lead of a pharmaceutical logistics startup, a Senior Investment Associate with an India focused healthcare fund, the General Manager of India’s largest healthcare consulting firm (Hosmac), and most recently, the Lead Consultant of the Max Institute of Healthcare Management.After extensive experience as an investor and consultant in India’s healthcare sector, Amit identified the bottlenecks in medical education and availability of skilled workforce as the main point faced by industry. Amit has served as a member of the CII Healthcare Committee, the US- India Business Council, Assocham’s Health and Healthcare Provider Committee, is an active technology angel investor, and is a mentor with DLabs in addition to HealthStart, both incubators focusing on early stage investments.

Revenue, traction and growth

eMediNexus has 70,000+ registered doctors on their platform with over 50,000+ unique doctors active monthly on the platform. The start-up has started generating steady monthly revenue as well.

USP and Revenue Model

eMediNexus has a much stronger healthcare background and a stronger medical team which majorly focuses on providing the latest updates for doctors. It also provides real- time updates from all major national conferences and also has a medico- legal advisory forum.

Start-up has already started monetizing through advertisements on their weekly specialty newsletters as well as on eMediNews. It is also monetizing by running surveys for healthcare companies.

Modus Operandi

By delivering current instructional and discussion-oriented clinical content to doctors mediated by key opinion leaders and a dedicated clinical staff, eMediNexus allows doctors to address the current vacuum in their specialty-specific continuous medical education (CME), while interacting with their peers and seeking second opinions on patient cases.  Covering the last 24 hours in medicine, eMediNexus hosts India’s oldest daily healthcare enewspaper, eMediNews, in addition to specialty newsletters covering a majority of important specialties broadcast to specialists across India. It also hosts weekly webcasts in association with the Indian Medical Association, provides a medium for medico-legal advisory service, clinical Q&A’s and give doctors real-time updates of live medical conferences.

Further by launching relevant physician petitions, eMediNexus has also proven the concept of digital advocacy, for instance launching the IMA Satyagraha digital petition signed by over 40,000 doctors and moving the Health Ministry to consider amendments to key legislations.

eMediNexus’s innovative platform is a free service available to all doctors across India.

Future plans

eMediNexus is laser-focused on increasing the quantum and type of content it offers to doctors, as it is a clinical content platform. It will further add new content formats, features, and run physician relevant campaigns to highlight their importance in the context of India’s economic growth and the healthcare sector itself. Read more about Indian Startups.

eMediNexus – Platform that educates doctors on latest developments
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